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WHY WE are only open by appointment?

We work hard to provide you with the best RV experience. By calling to make an appointment we can more effectively answer any questions or concerns you may have and give you the time and attention you deserve. We want you to have an extraordinarily excellent time buying an RV.


RVs of America is one of the Largest Consignment and Used RV, Motorhome, trailer, 5th wheels and camper Dealers.
We provide RV sales, RV Consignment and all things RV to Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada and the US. We have some of the best used RVs because we don't buy from banks but get them from the original owners that have given love to their RV.

Class A

If your looking to Buy or Sell a luxurious RV Motorhome Class A with the Freedom to enjoy all the comforts of home to wherever you travel. Take a peek at our RV selection!

Fifth Wheels

Looking to Buy or Sell a used RV 5th Wheel. Check out our selection of awesome 5th Wheels and even better prices.

Class C

Beautiful RV motorhomes with more maneuverability. Come check out our used RV Class Cs for sale

OFF Road RVs

Camp anywhere in these extreme tow-behind RVs. These extreme trailers will get you anywhere your heart can desire

Toy Haulers

Looking to Buy or Sell the Ultimate 5th Wheel RV Toy Hauler. Check out these Adventurous units with extremely low prices to haul your extreme sporting passions.

Class B

Take a look at the most cozy Class B home on wheels with the convenience to travel wherever your heart desires. These popular Pre-Owned Recreational Vehicles will amaze any outdoor enthusiast!

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We Believe

that business is not about money or a transaction but about giving a good service and building relationships. We believe that buying an RV should be an experience. We hold to the principle that if you give more in value than what you take in payment, you will always have enough in Life
Our Mission: Together we inspire others to achieve extraordinary excellence through belief, change, and progress

Our Story

We are a small family owned business. We love what we do, and the reason is because we love camping and the outdoors! We grew up with our parents always owning some type of RV. From the camper in the bed of the truck to fifth wheels and motor homes. As kids we experienced every type of RV with our parents. During the summers our Dad would pack the RV and he would take us on what he called the “Ultimate Vacation”. We would travel all over for a month; from national parks to Disneyland and beyond.

We love RVing! We don’t just look at RVs as a toy or a luxury. We cherish the memories that we had as children and truly believe that everyone can come closer with their families and build memories they will never forget with their RV. And on top of all this, Utah has more National Parks than any other state in the US! It is about time you get out and see this beautiful state and country!

Established in 2009

Towards the end of the year in 2008 we started flipping cars to make a little extra money. We first started selling cars right out of the house until we learned that we couldn’t do that. The City came along and said we needed to stop selling or find a business location. We found a cheap place that one of us could live in while at the same time it was zoned for business.

After two years of going to the bank auctions, our mother wanted to buy an RV and asked if we could find an auction that sold RVs. After we learned that we could buy RVs instead of cars we have never looked back. Now almost 6 years later and 4 location changes we are hoping to someday be the leading RV dealer in the US.

A core value is a guiding principle. It is something that you have to live by every day of your life.

Amazing Service
- Deliver WOW through service

- Give more in value than what you take in payment

- Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

- Be adventurous, innovative, and open minded, embrace and drive change

- Be passionate, determined and work your butt off!

- Create fun and a little weirdness

- Be fanatical about growth and learning

- Teach and give knowledge to others

- Be humble

- Honesty is the best policy, have fanatical integrity

- Communication, communication, and more communication!

No Gossip
- Gossip benefits no-one

- Take responsibility, never blame, never say it isn't my job, never say 'poor me!', etc.

- Share the wealth


We believe in only working with Rock Stars! Everyone that is on our team with us is a rock star and they work hard and care about the things they are doing! With us They don’t have a J-O-B! Everyone has passion and loves what they do!
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Chief Executive Officer
Michael is very good at figuring how to fix anything. He dives right in and gets the job done. He has traveled and lived in many places but he always finds his way back to Utah and its beautiful mountains. He served a LDS mission in mexico. Se Habla Espanol.
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Chief Marketing Officer
Jordan spent his childhood in Texas, and many summers traveling with his family from state to state. He is passionate about landscape photography and making entertaining short films to share with others.
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Chief Financial Officer
Born and raised in South Carolina, Will came to Utah to serve an LDS mission and later to attend school at UVU, where he received his Associates in Automotive Technology, and met his beautiful wife.
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Sales Manager
Shane is married to a wonderful Peruvian, whom (ironically) he met on a road-trip in an RV with friends. He loves to learn, read, travel, camp and, most of all, hike! He served an LDS mission to Cleveland, Ohio.