RVs of America is the first and premier Black Series off-road trailer dealer in America.


What RVs of America gives you that nobody else will


We believe that you should not just shine before and during a sale, but AFTER is more important than anything else. We become part of a family.


We are the first Black Series dealer in the U.S. We have knowledge that no one else has and we share it with our owners. This makes you more equipped to face anything on the road!


We are the only upgrade shop in America specialized in off-road trailers. We make the best trailers EVEN BETTER! If you can dream it up, we can do it for you. We love to help you make the trailer your own.


We connect our customers through incredible experiences! We have a community of owners that become life long friends and do the most incredible trips together every year.


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ROA LIFTIME SERVICE & SUPPORT - When you submit an order you become a ROAMER and part of our family! Our greatest goal is to provide incredible service to every ROAMER. Our team puts in countless hours behind the scenes to ensure that every trailer owner is taken care of. Our lifetime service & support includes access to our 24/7 texting number, private video library, and our exclusive facebook group. For more details you can call or text us at 801-860-0035

We Believe

that business is not about money or a transaction but about excellent service and building relationships. We believe that buying an off road trailer should be an awesome experience. We hold to the principle that if you give more in value than what you take in payment, you will always have enough in life
Our Mission: Together we inspire others to achieve extraordinary excellence through belief, change, and progress

Our Story

We love camping and off roading! We don’t just look at RVs as a toy or a luxury. We cherish the memories that we had as children and truly believe that everyone can come closer with their families and build memories they will never forget with their RV. It is time you get out and see this beautiful country!

Established in 2009

A core value is a guiding principle. It is something that we live by every day of our life. It is something that we value at our core!

- At the end of the day there is nothing more important. We always put our family first. That means we go home for dinner and take off weekends. We turn off the phone and disconnect to be with our family because they are more important than anyone else.

-Work, work, work. We work harder than anyone else. Whenever you find someone who has done anything amazing there is ten times more work behind them than you realize.

-We believe that you need to always take ownership. Never blame, never say it isn't my job, never say 'poor me!', etc. We don't believe in failure as a bad thing. We believe you learn and try not to repeat what doesn't work. Failure is an opportunity to learn and a necessary step to success!

- We call it God. You may call it something else. We definitely feel that you always need to trust in something higher than yourself.

- We love to build relationships with our clients. We don't believe in a one time transaction. We will help you long after your purchase.

- Is there anyone in the world that doesn't value this? We work hard so that we can become more successful to free up our time. We use RVs to get out on the open road and experience the freedom nature offers!

- We used to sell anything we could get our hands on. Over the years you start to see products that fall apart and we really don't want anything to do with those products. That is why we carry the off road trailers that we do. Because we want to feel good and be able to stand behind the caravans we sell.
With that being said, we believe quality of service is the ultimate goal. We strive to amaze everyone with our excellent attention to detail and care. Have you ever had a magical experience dealing with a business? It doesn't happen too often, especially in the RV industry unfortunately. We challenge ourselves to lead the way and give an example of how to provide such high quality service it is considered magic!

- Life is all about growth. The times you are happiest in life are when you are growing.

- Whenever we work with vendors or any business associates we ask: 'Are they trying to sell us on something or are they teaching us?' Our best advice when trying to shop for something is to ask yourself- does this person have the heart of a teacher?

- Gossip benefits nobody and is a terribly toxic thing to do. Great minded people talk about ideas and ideals. Small minded people talk about other people.

RVs of America (ROA) is the worlds greatest and most experienced off-road trailer dealer. We have a nice indoor showroom with our trailers. Give us a call or text for more info! CALL or TEXT 801-860-0035