June 3, 2020


📍Here you will find helpful info on how to operate or use your Black Series or any travel trailer/RV. We will try to feature items and showcase the Black Series in these videos.



🤔Ever wonder how these unit perform while towing? Take a listen and see what you can expect when towing a black series trailer or off-roading⤵️




❄️Listen to this informational video if you have any interest in knowing how to professionally winterize your Black Series Caravan or Travel Trailer⤵️



🚪A simple yet very informative video on how to properly operate your Black Series off-road door!⤵️



💩 The down and dirty of how to empty your Black Series sewage tanks.⤵️



💡More informational videos on how to use your lights inside and out and even some tips!⤵️




↕️Find out how to safely level your Black Series Trailer and some tips along the way!⤵️



🔌Whether your an RV newbie or an experienced Overlander these videos will show you the basics and give you the information needed to enjoy being outdoors while being off-the-grid!⤵️



👂🏻Listen to some tips and tricks of tires and repairs you can make if necessary:⤵️



✅Just some things we’ve learned along the way and some useful information we can pass along to our fellow off-roaders and campers!⤵️