Best off road and off grid camper trailers! (Caravan RVs)

Here at ROA OFF-ROAD we are so excited to let you know we have the best selection of off road camper trailers in the entire world. Yes, you heard that correct. We carry the absolute best selection. You may be able to find one or two different off road trailers at other stores. But here at ROA OFF ROAD we carry over ten different manufactures that make the best of the best off road and off grid camper caravan trailers. Please make an appointment to come visit our Experience Center in Utah or South Carolina.


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Are you ready for this epic list of products.

Patriot Campers X1 X3 X1-H X1-N

The highest rated and number one voted off road camper trailer in Australia for years in the running. Whether you have the kids and want the Patriot Camper X1 or are just a couple and looking for inside space with the Patriot Camper X3. Perhaps the easy set up is most important and you want the Patriot Camper X1-H or maybe the flexibility of doing your own thing in the Patriot Camper X1-N. Whatever you want we carry the entire Patriot Camper lineup.

Off Grid Trailers

Founded in Canada and 100% made in North America! Yes, that is correct they build everything here. They don’t do any overseas outsourcing. They are proud to be all built here. They truly are one of the most innovative up and coming off road and off grid camper companies. We are so excited to be working with this company as an experience center for delivery and pick up or just come check out these incredible trailers and get personal with the Pando 2.0 or the Expedition 2.0. You can even come check out the all new Switchback R&S

Xplore X22 and XR22

There is so much to say about this incredible company. First and foremost they are users of their great product. When do they use it? In the middle of the winter at 40 below zero!

OBI Dwellers D13, D15 and the D19

RKS Purpose and Motive

Conqueror UEV440, UEV490, UEV14 UEV??

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