February 10, 2019


💢 Here you will find all the latest video customer reviews on everything Black Series!

Check out these reviews by our ROAMERS! We want to bring you what actual owners think about the Black Series.


⬇️ HQ-19 :

A Black Series HQ19 owner review after freezing snow and a very technical trail. John has owned many trailers including an Oliver. See what he has to say about his Black Series HQ19 trailer after an intense trail run!

See what this Black Series HQ19 owner thinks about towing his Black Series with the new Ford Tremor and the attention he gets.

Listen to this review of Roger who is traveling with his wife and Dog in the Black Series HQ19!

New excited owners travel from Texas to pick up their caravan! Here’s the review of their Black Series HQ19. 

Watch and listen to this review by Rick and Paige and why they purchased a Black Series HQ-19!

Listen to this fresh perspective on the Black Series HQ19 and what she likes most about it!

🔽 HQ-15 :

Barthold and Cat purchased a Black Series HQ15 to explore the west. Here’s what they have to say!

 Join us as we speak with some new owners of the amazing and capable Black Series HQ-15!  Watch and see some added features (upgrades we’ve installed) and take a closer look at one heck of a tow vehicle they have!

A new owner of the Black Series HQ15! Steve comes down from Canada and he’ll be traveling and living full-time in his Black Series. Check out his thoughts and review! 

Check out this interview with Carl who was one of our first HQ-15 owners. He has spent more than 100 days in Canada in his Black Series HQ-15 during the summer of 2019.

🔽 HQ-12 :

Check out this review by Eric and his new Black Series HQ-12!


 Check out this owner of a Black Series Patron tent trailer. 

Check out this side-by-side video tour of a Black Series VS an Outdoors RV.

Hello, so you may be asking why a video of an Outdoors RV (ORV) vs a Black Series. Honestly I don’t feel like they compare at all. The Black Series is a better built product. The main reason is because in the US there is not a lot of offerings when it comes to off road and a lot of people have been asking my thoughts on the ORV when looking at my Black Series. I had never seen a ORV until we shot this video side-by-side. Luckily I was able to find an owner of an ORV on a forum that agreed to meet up with me to do a side-by-side video. I know it is super long and I am so sorry but if you are serious buyer I hope it helps. You may want to go grab some popcorn and treats.

⬇️ Listen to what a Government BLM monitor thinks of Black Series off-road trailers:


This video was taken while I was in an HQ15.

🔽 Find out what a professional RV transporter has to say about towing a Black Series Trailer.

We will be reviewing all the Black Series models and everything else. If you have a question we will try to make a video.

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