An Easy way to make your RV wheels and chrome mirrors SHINE like new!

I accidentaly stumbled upon this easy cleaning method after not being able to remove hard water spots and heavy oxidation on a pair of RV sideview mirrors. On many RVs, these sideview mirrors get dirty rapidly after being peppered with bugs, rocks and harmful materials as a result of traveling at high speeds MATERIALS NEEDED:[…]

Off The Grid: The Ultimate Guide to Dry Camping

Inverters, Generators, Solar Panels, and More When you hear talk among avid RVers of “dry camping” or “boondocking”, They’re talking about camping without the water and power hookups you get at KOA-style campgrounds (in other words, “roughin’ it”!). This is what it’s all about; this is what a self-enclosed unit was built for–and this is[…]