Interior Walkthrough of the 2020 Black Series HQ19

Usually pictures of trailers and RVs make them look way better than they are in person. The Black Series HQ19 may look good in the pictures, but in person is where they really shine and can be appreciated. The HQ19 is truly a sexy machine.

Let’s go over some of the features on the 2020 Black Series HQ19.

We absolutely love the windows! The HQ19 has large windows on each side of the bed and two windows in the kitchen. It allows for plenty of air flow and natural light.

Each window has several latches. You can secure the door closed or in a slightly cracked opened position allowing very little air to enter. The window can be pushed out and left open at three different angles. In the picture above it is pushed out to the highest angle.

Each window in the HQ19 has a black out shade that pulls down from the top and a daytime screen that pulls up from the bottom. They secure together and you can keep the shade at whatever height you want. This way if the sun is shining through the window and you’d like some shade you can pull it down to the desired spot.

The mattress in the 2020 HQ19 is an RV queen. This means it’s the same width as a queen but 2 inches shorter. Regular queen bedding will fit just fine. The bed is surrounded with storage compartments.

Many people ask if the bed can be lifted up or fold like many traditional RVs or travel trailers. In the Black Series 2020 HQ19, and every Black Series HQ model for that matter, the bed is in a fixed position and cannot move. This is because the outdoor kitchen slides underneath the bed. You can see in the above picture the black box under the blanket. This is the furnace exit point. To the right there is a medium sized compartment. We love to keep the dirty camp items here like boots and shoes.

If you’ve owned a travel trailer you’ve probably dealt with busted latches and handles. Some of my favorite features in the Black Series HQ19 are the locking latches and soft close drawers.

Instead of walking into your caravan after travelling and seeing your goodies strewn all over the floor because the cabinets and doors flew open, you’ll find every drawer and closet closed due to the locking latch.

The three burner stove is beautifully housed under a foldable countertop. Perfect for cooking inside when the weather doesn’t permit for outside chefery.

Under the sink is home to the triple water filtration system. This water comes from the separate clean drinking water tank that we pointed out in the 2020 Black Series HQ19 walkthrough.

New to the 2020 model is the bypass option for these filters. This makes winterizing the trailer much quicker and easier.

Here we have the incredible HQ19 kitchen faucet! As you can see there is a knob on top and also on the bottom right. The small knob on the bottom right allows the drinking water to be pumped through the triple filter system and out the separate spigot to the right. Amazing!! I wish it had a pull-out head, but this faucet is still one of the nicest I have ever seen in a trailer.

The mixer valve is also a neat addition. This allows you to control how hot the water gets to avoid having scalding water from the faucets and shower.

As I mentioned earlier, the HQ19 has two separate water pumps. New to the 2020 is a full size drinking water pump. Previously it was a smaller pump.

The dinette is very sturdy and folds down into bed mode in case you’d like to sleep an extra adult. In the Black Series HQ19 the total length of the dinette bed is 6 feet 3 inches.

While the strong table legs make it very sturdy, there is a downside to this layout. For taller people it can be difficult to slide into the booth without bonking your knee on the support legs. To solve this we have made a floating table upgrade, however this will eliminate the capability for bed mode.

Under the first bench we find the 2,000 watt Aims pure sine inverter. This allows the microwave, television and all 110 volt outlets to be powered from the batteries.

This inverter/charger is also how the 30 amp shore power can charge the 12 volt batteries.

Speaking of batteries, here we have the four 100 amp hour gel batteries. This is new to the 2020 HQ19. Previously they had only two batteries. These lie under the second bench. You’ll see on top the red switch. This is to cut off power to the unit to avoid energy draws when your caravan is in storage.

If you would like to upgrade to lithium batteries we have found Battle Born to be some of the best.

Here we have the HQ19 control board! I hope you will understand how much superior this setup is to a traditional camper or travel trailer control board.

Push button fuses allow for ease of diagnosis and repair instead of using tweezers and trying to figure out which one is blown.

The electronic status gauge is intelligent and shows the battery wattage in addition to how much amperage the caravan is using. This helps big time to keep your usage in harmony with battery life.

The Black Series HQ19 Dometic air conditioner is 13,500 BTU. It also has a heat pump in case you need some help on those chilly nights. This is the only thing that can’t be run off battery power. Without upgrading the battery system you’ll need a generator or shore power to power this bad boy.

Moving into the bathroom we have the Dometic porcelain toilet. There is a decent amount of room on each side and in front plenty of leg room for taller people.

The sliding bathroom door has a latch for securing the door either shut or open. It is very solid.

The bathroom vent is really nothing special. The fan is quite dinky. We often switch this vent with the Maxxair vents. They provide much more air flow.

To the right of the sink hides a compact washer machine. This is a pretty cool thing to have as long as you’ve got access to water. If you won’t use this we can remove it and the compartment would be great for storage.

The HQ19 bathroom sink is porcelain and super nice. The sink and faucet are very sleek and modern. The drain top can be pushed to fill the sink with water.

The storage above the sink is deceptively large. Three cabinets open for a combined large compartment. Visit the 2021 HQ19 page on our website for measurements of this compartment and for everything else.

The huge shower in the Black Series HQ19 is super nice. Here you can see Shane ( he is 6 ft tall ) has plenty of room in the shower. The shower head can be adjusted for height and angle. The enclosure is one single piece of fiberglass as opposed to multiple pieces with caulking and screws.

Thanks for reading!

I hope this walkthrough of the 2020 Black Series HQ19 was informative and helpful.

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