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All Metal Overland Trailers
About Off-Grid Trailers

Off Grid Trailers™ builds durable off-road camper trailers that can withstand any climate and any terrain. Headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, Off-Grid Trailers truly knows what tough terrain is. They have developed the toughest and most capable off-road trailers on the market. Built to withstand the test of time, you can plan on passing down your OGT through the generations!

Off Grid Trailers™ All Metal Overland Trailers | Built In Canada


Built in Canada

Each Off-Grid Trailer is hand crafted with pride in Alberta Canada. They offer direct to owner shipping complete with shrink wrapping your trailer so it arrives spotless.

Coil and Shock Independent Suspension

OGT now offers the Evolution Series Suspension on each trailer. This new independent suspension is built in collaboration wih Fabtech Motorsports. This will upgrade your trailer to now have a full 8 inches of travel, powder coated coil springs, and 2.25 inch Dirt Logic Shocks.

All Metal, No Wood

Building a trailer with zero wood means you can camp without worry for mold or mildew. The all metal construction used by OGT will ensure that your camper lives longer than you do!


Upon ordering your OGT, choose between dozens of wraps, colors and accessories. Customize the trailer to match your truck and your lifestyle.

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