One of the best slot canyons in Utah!

One of the best slot canyon hikes in Utah and one that not too many people know about.

I usually start with saying I am addicted to the outdoors. Yes, you heard me right. Some days I wish I could go out and live in the wilderness and just explore it for the rest of my life, but then reality sets in and I realize that I also love being around people and going to work. So I will have to settle for just going out and hiking on the weekends and sharing with you my most recent adventure.

Behold the picture below and let your mind be blown away

This is by far one of my favorite hikes. The hike is even family friendly. You could easily hike it with your children. The Hike is either an up and down or a loop. For the more adventurous you can do the loop and it will take a good half day. The loop is around 8 miles. If you have little ones I would recommend going up and back down the same way. The best part of the hike is not too far up and it is pretty easy for all ages.
I highly recommend this hike to everyone. My wife has a lot of friends from all over the world and whenever they visit us in Utah and want to see the sites. We usually take them to Little Wild House.
The Slot is long and fun and the colors that you are going to see are going to be fantastic!

I would take some snacks and lots of water. (I would take a liter per adult) The best places to eat lunch is by sitting about 10 feet up in the narrow parts of the slot and wedging your bum and feet and shimmy your way up in the narrow part of the slot. That way if thee is a lot of people you can let them pass by below you.


To get to the trail head it will take 4 hours from Salt Lake City so you will want to make a day or weekend out of this trip. From Salt Lake the best way is to put in your GPS or Google Goblin Valley State Park.

Little Wild Horse is located off Highway 24 between I-70 and Hanksville. As you head south from I-70 on 24 you will go around 24 miles to a sign on your right (west) pointing to Goblin Valley State Park. The road is called Temple Mt Road. Stay on Temple Mt Road for 5.2 miles until you come to Goblin Valley Rd on the left. Turn left onto Goblin Valley Rd and stay on the road for 6.1 miles. You will come to a right hand turn (last time I was there they had a sign saying Little Wild Horse to the right) This road is dirt and is pretty easy to drive on. You can drive it in a car without any problems. You will stay on this road for 5.4 miles. The trial head is on the right and you can’t miss the parking lot.

Enjoy and hike onward!

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