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2024 BRS SHERPA (South Carolina)


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Experience the ultimate off-road camping adventure with the BRS Sherpa off-road camper trailer. Designed to excel in rugged terrains and offer the comforts of home, this camper is your trusted companion for exploring the great outdoors. Born in the bush of Australia and now proudly manufactured in the US, the Sherpa combines exceptional quality, functionality, and innovative design to elevate your camping experience to new heights. Whether you’re traversing the driest deserts or venturing through lush rainforests, the Sherpa’s robust construction and reliable features ensure you can conquer any landscape with ease. Unwind in the spacious and heated sleeping cabin, expand sleeping capacity with the Alucab rooftop tent, and enjoy the convenience of quick setup with just a few handles. With the Sherpa, you can revel in hot showers from the drop-down shower pod, indulge in entertainment on the 21-inch LED TV and DVD player, and effortlessly prepare delicious meals in the well-equipped kitchen. Discover the freedom and versatility that the BRS Sherpa offers, making every camping trip a memorable adventure.

Features and Benefits:
– Aluminum Tube Frame: Provides durability and strength to withstand challenging terrains, ensuring long-lasting performance.
– Cruise Master G35 Suspension System: Delivers a smooth and comfortable ride, minimizing bumps and vibrations during off-road journeys.
– Articulating Cruise Master DO45 Coupling: Enables articulating abilities, allowing the trailer to navigate steep mountain road grades with ease.
– Quick Setup: Pull handles for simple and efficient setup, making it easy to establish your base camp and start enjoying your adventure.
– Spacious and Heated Sleeping Cabin: Offers ample room for four campers, providing a comfortable and cozy retreat after a day of exploration.
– Alucab Rooftop Tent: Unclip the tent to create additional sleeping areas, accommodating more campers or providing extra space for gear storage.
– 270 Batwing Awning: Provides shade and protection from the elements, creating an outdoor living space for relaxation and dining.
– Drop-Down Shower Pod: Unclips for convenient access to continuous hot showers powered by the diesel water heater, allowing you to freshen up even in remote locations.
– 21-Inch LED TV and DVD Player: Enjoy entertainment during downtime, providing a source of relaxation and enjoyment for all campers.
– Well-Equipped Kitchen: Features two 30-liter Isotherm fridge drawers for ample food storage, a slide-out drawer for non-refrigerated items, a fold-down prep area with a tilting drawer for easy access to cooking supplies, and a pop-down sink for hassle-free cleaning.


– Width: 81 inches
– Height (with roof top tent): 94 inches
– Height (without roof top tent): 85 inches
– Length: 175 inches
– Dry weight: 2161 – 2601 pounds
– ATM: 3748 pounds (Air bag system)
– Sleeping Capacity: 4-5 (w/ roof top tent option)
– Fridge Capacity: Two 30-liter Isotherm fridge drawers
– TV Size: 21 inches
– Power Source: 12-volt system
– Heating System: Diesel water heater

-1-piece hand-laid fiberglass cone, 0.8-inch thick with honeycomb core
– Raptor-liner paint all round
– Marine-grade double-skin aluminum body with integrated aluminum subchassis
– 6 x 4 x 0.2 fully integrated aluminum chassis beam and cross members. The aluminum chassis and aluminum body are a 1-piece segment.
– 1.9-ton GTM capacity
– Proprietary BRS offroad independent suspension (airbag) with Firestone airbags
– Airbag man compressor, tank
– 12-inch electric drum brakes
– 3 x Toyo Open Country AT2 33 x 11 r17 on 17 x 8 CSA alloy wheels – LC6 stud pattern
– DO35 Cruisemaster coupler
– 2 x 5-gallon fuel container holders
– Electronic remote access fiberglass doors with honeycomb core and plexiglass windows
– Internal cupboard storage
– 4 x pocket storage holes behind backrests
– Cordova marine-grade upholstered backrests, 2-inch foam
– 6-inch foam queen mattress
– Marine-grade hood lining ceiling
– Marine-grade hood lining walls
– Blue Sea circuit breakers and fuses
– Wireless Receiver
– Jockey Wheel Ark750
– Ladder (roof top tent model only)
– 2 x port window + fly screens
– 4.5-gallon aluminum diesel tank
– 37-gallon stainless water tank

2024 BRS SHERPA (South Carolina)



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