Dweller 19


Meet Dweller 19

The OBI Dweller 19 is the flagship model and the only current model to not have a pop-up roof. Take a sneak peek here and reach out to us for more details! Thanks!



Coil and Shock Suspension

Arguably the most important part of an off-road trailer, the OBI Dweller 19 comes standard with independent coil and shock suspension. This provides much smoother towing off-road while going over bumps and rocks. It also absorbs the movement instead of transferring the vibration onto the body of the trailer.

Tons of Storage

Between the outside slide-out storage trays, the front nose compartment and the interior pantry, you will have enough storage for all of your camping and cooking equipment.

Off-Grid Ready

The OBI Dweller 19 comes standard with 400 watts of solar, 200 amp hours of Lithium battery power, and a 2000 watt continuous pure sine inverter / charger. Bring along the blender and coffee maker, they will be no problem for this electrical package!

Huge Bathroom

We love the bathroom of the OBI Dweller 19. Having a wet-bath is fine for some, but others simply must have a dry bath with separate rooms for the toilet and shower. If that is you, look no further than the Dweller 19.



Total length 25ft
Dry weight 6,389 lbs
Water 52 gallons



Truma Combi
400 watts solar
200 amps Lithium Battery
2000 watt Pure Sine inverter
HB9000 Australian Floor-Mounted A/C unit


Hot Dip Galvanized Chassis

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