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Meet Karavan

This caravan is truly unbelievable.. We have seen and tested just about every trailer on the market, including the most capable off road trailers available. This Kimberley Karavan stands in a class of its own. At a dry weight of under 3,600 lbs and the incredibly low profile, towing and maneuvering is a breeze. The pop up fiberglass walls and slide out bed transform the small camper into a luxurious full size trailer. These off road trailers are built to order. Please call or text for more details. 801-860-0035 Starting at $78,880 for the classic Karavan, and $102,456 for the Eco Suite.

Karavan | Kimberly Kampers


No Timber Construction

Premium engineering materials used for best strength-to-weight & weather resistance. Timber can rot and poorly-protected steel doesn’t last long in remote environments. High-grade alloys, tough thermoplastics, marine-grade stainless steel and hot dipped galvanized steel all help keep your Kimberley as tough as the day you bought it.

Innovative Space

With the Compost toilet placed on a swivel mount, easily open up the shower enclosure to rinse off. Choose your sleeping options for two, four or six people.

Small Camper, Big Footprint

WIth the press of a button, expand the roof to reveal a spacious interior living area. Push the queen size bed out and create the dinette area with ample seating for 4.

Outdoor Kitchen

In addition to the luxurious interior kitchen, Every Kimberley Kamper Karavan has an amazing exterior kitchen. You can option with a grill, stove or BBQ. Plenty of counterspace, shelving, and hot and cold water to the sink complete this kitchen.



Dry Weight: 3659
Fresh Capacity: 50
GVWR: 5291
RV Length: 17


Flooring: Wood



Sleeps: 2

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