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Alright, you’ve got an RV taking up space in your driveway . . . and your budget. What do you do? You could try and list it for sale yourself. You just have to clean it up a bit, take pictures, write a desciption, post it on a good website, and wait. Right? Wait, your camera got lost on the last family vacation. . . . That’s alright, your phone takes okay pictures, even though they look a little dark. And you’re not sure which pictures to actually take. Yeesh, look at the time, it’s already getting dark. You’ll just snap a pic or two of the outside and hope that they get the idea.Now, what do you know about this RV? It’s got a water heater, and a table . . . it, uh, has leather seats. Oh! It has a diesel engine. There. That’s good enough for a description. Time to post it! Gotta hurry and get it online before dinner gets cold. Wow, each site has its own forms that are completely different. This one is asking for everything from fuel type to GVWR and VIN. Crud, you have no idea what’s actually a reasonable price. And there’s only time to post on one site.Oh, hey! You’re already getting calls! Wait, they’re offering $10,000 below asking price? Argh! If only there were someone who could just take care of all this mess for you! Well, there’s the good news: RVs of America can do all this and more!


Decoration and Staging

We will give your RV a professional cleaning, make sure that it has power and lights, check for needed repairs, and decorate it like it’s a showroom centerpiece.


Photos and Description

Professional quality photos and video will make your RV shine like a hollywood star. We’ll also give it a fantastic and detailed description by our boys in the know.


Advertising and Sales

We will post your unit all across the web, on multiple classified sites, and on our best-in-class dealer site. Your RV will be seen by gazillions of people across the US.


No Fees Whatsoever

We believe in our service, and we don’t think that we should get paid for work we haven’t done yet. We don’t charge any fees to consign, and we don’t get paid until your unit is sold.


In-house Financing

RV buyers often don’t have the cash on hand to buy. We provide in-house financing through dozens of banks and credit unions so that you can get your money now, not ten years down the road.


Dedicated Salesmen

You work hard every day to bring home the bacon, you don’t have time to show your RV to everyone who wants to buy it. Our sales team will do all the legwork for you, and get your RV sold.

How it works:

All this sounds great, but what’s the actual process? Well, it starts when you call or email us. One of our experts will talk with you about the value of your vehicle, what you owe on it, and what sort of return you’re hoping for. If you qualify for consignment, then we’ll send you a copy of the official consignment form, with any necessary addendums.

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Once you sign, we send out a driver, whether by plane or by truck, to pick up your motorhome or trailer. They take inventory photos of your RV to document its condition upon receipt, then they drive it to our main lot in American Fork where the magic begins. Our cleaners go through your unit with a fine-toothed comb, scrubbing, cleaning, decorating, and tidying until your vehicle looks as good as new. Our creative department then gives your unit the hollywood treatment, taking photos and video that would make the original manufacturer blush.

(We aren’t kidding about the videos)

A detailed description is written at the same time as the photo shoot. This process can take anywhere from a day to a week, depending on time of year and the number of RVs entering our lot in a given week. Then our salesmen will show and tour your RV until we find the perfect buyer. Once they put down a deposit, our team of mechanics goes into overdrive, repairing, prepping, and tuning the unit for departure. After the buyer delivers the full payment, or gets financed for the full amount, we call you up and give you the great news! Payday!

Recent success stories:

Shamrock HYBRID
SOLD: $18777
On Mon Aug 01 2016

SOLD: $19900
On Tue Aug 02 2016

Country Coach
Inspire 330
SOLD: $107777
On Tue Aug 02 2016

Allegro Bay
SOLD: $44777
On Thu Aug 18 2016

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