Why do people drive to ROA OFF-ROAD from all over the United States and Canada to buy a camper? It is an odd thing when there are a host of other places they could purchase a camper from that are much closer. So, why do they do it? Why do they go the distance? The best way we can put it in words is to quote one of our ROAMERS, BUBBA TIM. Someone asked why he traveled from Florida to Utah to buy a camper from us and he said, “I didn’t just buy a camper from ROA, I got adopted into a family and a community.” This is why people come from all over. It’s not just to buy a trailer, it’s to become a ROAMER. To be adopted into the ROAMER family.


We Are On A Mission

The way business is done in this industry needs to be changed and that is exactly what we are after. We invite you to join the movement, to become a ROAMER, to change the industry with us. Together we will inspire change and enjoy the company of our fellow ROAMERS along the way. This community truly is unlike any other. It’s a place where you can belong.

For just a moment I want you to imagine this. Imagine hundreds and thousands of people who all share your love of the outdoors. Not only that, but imagine yourself sitting around the campfire with those people, telling stories and laughing with each other. Imagine getting away from the monotony of daily life and escaping into the mountains and countryside with people who want to take their trailers off road on the paths less traveled. Imagine being with people who genuinely love their campers, the outdoors, and meeting others who share their same interests. Finally, imagine the freedom to ROAM anywhere you desire. It sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

How Do You Get Involved In This One Of A Kind Community?

With that in mind, you may wonder how you can start getting involved with this one of a kind community. For that very reason we have set up multiple means by which you can connect with your fellow ROAMERS.


The adventures are planned by ROA-OFF ROAD and take you to places all over the world. Places like Utah, Colorado and Mexico to name just a few. There are all sorts of activities put together for those who get a spot in these adventures. The activities themselves are great and are only enhanced by doing them with the ROAMER community. These adventures are a fantastic way to rub shoulders with fellow ROAMERS.

ROAMER Rallies:

These rallies are another perfect opportunity to connect with the community. They really are something else, in a good way of course. The rallies attract the largest numbers from the ROAMER community and let me tell you, when there are so many people who share love for their campers and the outdoors in the same place, the experience is almost beyond words.

Not only is the atmosphere of the rallies powerfully positive, but there are a gaggle of classes. The classes span from both the fun to the informational. For example, have you ever wished you could back your trailer a little better? We have that. Wish you could go through an obstacle course that would give experiences recovering and seeing what you are capable of? Of course that will be there. Maybe you have some technical questions about your camper. Well, believe me, we have training for the technical as well. There are even special badges to collect from each of the rallies.

The Exclusive Facebook Group:

Because we care about connecting outside of the adventures we also have a great Facebook group. The group is another great place to start getting familiar with other ROAMERS. You can ask questions and get in contact with people who own the same camper as you do, or share your own expertise and adventures in the outdoors. ROAMERs are spread all throughout the US, Canada and a few other countries too, so you may just find other ROAMERs in your own city when getting to know people in the Facebook group.

The community is 100% the best part of being a ROAMER. Being a Disney fan or Porsche follower isn’t much fun to do alone, however, when you find others who share your passion it changes everything. Even with how fantastic the community is, however, there is still more that being a ROAMER affords you.

Access To Special Technical Services

Another fantastic perk for instance, is that you get personal access to our support services for the lifetime of your camper. This is huge! Using this will save you more than a few trips to the mechanic. Trips that could have been avoided if you only had the expertise on hand. Many of the problems that arise really can be solved without spending money, as long as you know what to do. That is exactly what the tech support is here to help you with.

Mods And Upgrades

At our experience centers, you can have upgrades done to your camper. For example, have you ever wished you could have more solar panels for your camper? Maybe you have been disappointed by the size of your water tanks or propane tanks? Perhaps you have thought about rooftop tents or better toilets? As a ROAMER you will have the opportunity to get upgrades for your camper. So, those wishes and desires that have been floating around in the back of your head may just be possible after all!

From beginning to end, being a RAOMER is an experience you will not find anywhere else. It truly is one of the few unique experiences left in this world and we want everyone to come with us for the ride.

So, why would you want to be a ROAMER? I think you know exactly why.

That Leads Us To Our Final Question

How do I become a ROAMER? How can I join this revolutionary movement that will change the world? That’s easy. You need a ticket. Think about Disneyland. Inside this theme park is a place where dreams are made and come true, but you can’t just walk in can you? No, you need a ticket. You need something to prove you belong. It is the same with becoming a ROAMER. In this ROAMER community, just like in Disneyland, dreams really can be made and even come true. Also, just like Disneyland, you need a ticket to prove you belong. In this case, your ticket is your camper from ROA OFF-ROAD.

So, what are you waiting for? This beautiful world awaits. Let’s get out there and see it together!

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