What’s so great about the Conqueror UEV-14?

What’s So Great About The Conqueror UEV-14?

UEV-14 Outside 2

So, what exactly is so great about the UEV-14? It’s just like any other run of the mill off road trailer isn’t it? These questions are good to ask, because you don’t want just any old camper do you? No, you want something unique, something that is extraordinary. You want a Camper that gives you more freedom and lets you blaze the trails others can’t. So, let’s go together and see if the Conqueror UEV-14 can check off these boxes.

An Off Road Camper In The Truest Sense

Conqueror UEV-14 off road

Some Campers claim to be off road capable and though they can do some things off the beaten path, the UEV-14 can do it all. With an angle of departure sitting at a whopping  24.5 degrees, it has more clearance than almost every towing vehicle on the market. About the only thing that can compete with it is a jeep or a lifted truck. This means that anywhere your tow vehicle can go, this trailer will have no problem following.

The UEV-14 is equipped with the DO35 CruiseMaster. This hitch is fully articulating. It can move 360 degrees around. This is so, so important. If you don’t actually have a hitch that pivots, you can’t really consider the trailer an off-road trailer. You need to be able to move and to pivot, otherwise being on rough uneven terrain can be very dangerous. Of course you wouldn’t want to ever roll your trailer, but could you imagine what would happen if your camper fell on it’s side and you didn’t have an articulating hitch? That’s right, your vehicle would follow suit. That’s not something that we want to risk.

To further enhance its off road capability, the UEV-14 has some of the best Suspension out there. Even if you have a great hitch, but garbage suspension, your trailer just isn’t going to fair well off the beaten path. The UEV-14 comes with independent airbag suspension by airbag man, who is one of the biggest players in off road trailer suspension.

UEV-14 Suspension

Rugged And Tough On The Outside, Beautiful And Comfortable Inside.

Inside4  Beautyshot2

Men want to have something that looks good that they can show off. It is a great feeling when someone comes up to you at the gas station or at the store to admire your camper. The UEV-14 will definitely make that happen. It has such a unique look and that look is a tough rugged one too. You could say it’s a manly man’s trailer and there is a reason for that.

Conqueror actually started off building for the military, before moving into the civilian market. What is more rugged and tough than the military? So, not only do these campers look tough, they are tough.

Here’s the thing though, on the inside this trailer is just beautiful. With the wood floors and spacious living area women will love it too! This isn’t just a man’s camper, it’s a “his and hers” camper.


The Outside:

Starting on the outside, Conqueror is proud of their paint. This is paint is fantastic. It doesn’t just fade or peel off like a lot of the campers out there. This stuff is tough and will last for a long, long time. That’s great because there is nothing worse than having a great trailer look like trash. No one will want to come admire something that is falling apart.

The windows are on this trailer, on top of matching the look of the UEV-14, are far stronger than your average glass. These are the Eurovision dual pane polycarbonate windows. They have become a very popular windows. You will see them on some of the best trailers, such as Bruder. They don’t shatter like glass does and are over a hundred times more resistant than glass.

There is also a ton of storage for all the tools and toys on the front of the trailer. It’s like your own toolbox from home, but already mounted for travel away from home. It even looks like a great big toolbox.

Front Storage


The Inside:

This trailer truly is military tough and a treat to look at, but let’s move inside and see some of the beauty.

 UEV-14 MaininsideDrawers

The UEV is well lit, showing off both the floors that look like they should be onboard a yacht and the large living space. If you are inside a trailer, there are three places you will typically spend the most time. The bathroom, the bed, and around the table. Let’s start with this fantastic table.

Have you ever experienced the problem of trying to get more than two adults around your camper’s table? It’s a common problem. You want to eat together or play a game together, but the table is just too cramped. This table is different. It has a good amount of surface space, but even better is the space around the table. You can easily fit 3-4 adults around the table and you won’t be sitting halfway in each others laps either!


Now lets move to the beds.

  UEV-14 Twinbed

The front area bed is about 49 inches wide by 85 inches long. You could easily put two kids there and even potentially two adults. Now, if that were the only bed it would be a disappointment, but there is a second bed and it’s massive! It is roughly 78 inches long and a whopping 75 inches wide except for the headspace that measures closer to 72 inches. Even the shortest width is only a few inches shy of a true king. For an off road camper this size of bed is astounding! The UEV-14 was built to sleep a family and that’s what it is all about. When you go out, you want to take your family with you. With this unit, Conqueror has given you that freedom.


What about the heating? Not shivering all night long is a big deal when you are out exploring. Unfortunately, one thing about many furnaces is that you have to be plugged in to shore power, which completely defeats your off-road aspirations when it cools down outside. Being cold when you camp is miserable and puts a huge damper on your trip. Conqueror has solved this problem in the UEV-14. It has the new Truma Combi unit, which is just a phenomenal, phenomenal product. Many of the higher end campers are using the Truma. It works your hot water and your furnace completely off-grid via your propane. That’s game changer!


Okay, Now Lets Head Into The Bathroom

In my opinion, this is one of the greatest things about having a trailer to camp in.

UEV-14 Bathroom Bathroom Sink 2

If you have done much camping without one, you just might agree. When you wake up in the middle of the night and you feel nature calling that’s bad enough. It only gets worse when you don’t have an indoor bathroom. You have to head outside in the dark and possibly the cold too. Having an indoor bathroom is fantastic!

This is a very, very nice bathroom. We have a sink with storage underneath for your toiletries. The whole thing is molded fiberglass, which makes for easy cleanup. With the shower right there you can even clean off the toilet with the shower itself and use it as a seat while you shower. Having a full bath in this size camper is amazing.

But of course everybody wants to know if you drop a bar of soap can you bend over and pick it up? This bathroom does indeed pass the soap test and we tried it with someone who stands at 6 feet and 2 inches tall. The bathroom is simply luxurious.

Finally, The Towing

On top of the fantastic suspension and great hitch, there is another reason the UEV-14 tows like a dream. It’s because of the balance. A lot of thought was taken to make sure everything was built in the right place. There is no AC unit on the roof. It’s all an under mounted bunk AC unit. There isn’t anything heavy on the roof to throw things off.

Conquerors tow better than anything else in their class. In fact, Shane over at ROA OFF-RAOD, has towed all sorts of trailers for hundreds of thousands of miles and he just loves towing for the UEV-14. Most campers you fear for your life when you approach 65 to 70 miles per hour, but the UEV-14 is often smooth towing up to 80 miles an hour.


All around the Conqueror UEV-14 is just a phenomenal camper. It gives you the freedom to choose your own camping sites away from nosey neighbors and forced quiet time at night. It lets you explore the paths less traveled and it does so with ease. Best of all, it lets you bring your family along for the adventure.

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