June 10, 2022

Xplore X22 by ROA OFF ROAD

The XPLORE X22 OR XR22 products can be purchased at our ROA OFF ROAD EXPERIANCE CENTER WEST OR EAST. Come see us in Utah or South Carolina locations.

We are so excited to offer this all new 2022 Xplore X22

We can ship anywhere in the USA or you can pick up at an experience center. We hope you are as excited about this unit as we are. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have.

PLEASE TEXT 801-860-0035

DRY WEIGHT: 5,300lbsLENGTH: 23′WIDTH: 7′
Power: 50ampConstruction: AluminumSolar: 300 watt
Water: 30 OR 50 GALGray 21 GalInverter OPTION

Built to order, call or text for details.

Lots of people ask about upgrades for their Xplore X22.

We have developed several upgrades to make owning one easier, safer and more off-grid capable. Common Upgrades:

Extra 30 gal water tankExtra solar McHitch articulating hitch
Sway control systemBackup CameraGlass shower removal for space
Tent reorientation for safety

We love customizing and making the off road camper trailer to suit your needs.

Call or text with any questions. 801-860-0035

We have done several awesome videos about these trailers on Youtube.

If you search Xplore X22 into youtube you can learn a lot about these from our walkthroughs and off road test.

We are super users and that makes your experience with ROA OFF ROAD different from anywhere else.

We have put coutless miles and spent many nights in the Xplores( including trips into the freezing mountains -10 & to Baja Mexico to 100 degrees)

Bed is basically a full, but room for a little bit bigger bed if you wanted to have a custom one made. The measurements are 74 inches long by 54 inches wide. You can fit a mattress that would be 3 inches longer and maybe 1 inch wider

Do you camp where it gets below freezing? How about 100 degrees in the summer sun? The fact is there’s not a trailer in America as capable as this when it comes to insulative properties! This trailer is better insulated than most homes! The sad truth is that 90% of all trailers made in the USA are pretty much garbage.. not built to last.. I’ve camped in and worked on every make and model you can imagine. After years of being disappointed with terrible quality, we decided to only carry the best trailers in the country. This off-road cold-weather capable trailer built by Xplore will not disappoint you. They are some of the best built trailers I have ever seen..

Give us a call or text if you have any questions


See a virtual tour below

Check out the full in depth tour below.

If you have been looking at Black Series HQ15, HQ19, C15, HQ12, Opus 15, MDC X15 or even the Bruder EXP6 then this would be a great trailer for you too look at as well. Just remember to us the trailer is just a tool. Here at ROA we want you to have an experience unlike anywhere else in the world.