Seven Mile Pass

Seven Mile Pass

Utah is Well Known for its Beautiful Landscape

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The mountains and desert give great opportunities for hiking, fishing, camping, and off road recreational activities. Moab is internationally known for the annual eastern jeep safari. There are many national parks that are beautiful to see; Zions, Arches, and Bryce canyon. There are also many of places around the state that are not as famous, but still just amazing. One of my personal favorites is known as the Seven Mile Pass.

If you’re passionate about the off-roading world and love anything with dirt, then Seven Mile Pass is a perfect place to live out that passion! It offers opportunities to strategically crawl over the rough terrain and higher speed dirt races too. Though not nationally renown, this location really is famous to the locals for ATV and Dirt biking.

One of the best parts is that it isn’t just for trail runners and dirt bikes. Even your friendly neighborhood Jeep can enjoy some great dirt and rock crawling in this place. You can even tow an off road trailer with you! This area is so big that you can find a place to do all sorts of activates.

Dweller Seven Mile Pass

Take a Buddy


The Seven Mile Pass can of course be enjoyed alone, but it’s a good idea to go with a buddy vehicle in case of an issue. It’s also recommended you have the proper equipment or else there will most definitely be issues. This is a desert, so it’s also wise to bring some water and food. Personally, I would recommend pulling up a few videos on the Seven Mile Pass before taking a trip there. That way you can see what is awaiting you.

Oh and here’s a tip I’ll give you that may be pretty obvious. Make sure your tires are in tip top shape before going. If they are old, cracked, improperly inflated, or straight up rotting, then something probably needs to be done beforehand. …I learned first hand that climbing up some really rocky hills on an old and dry rotted tire is a bad idea. In that scenario if you don’t have a buddy then you are going to be in trouble. Getting stranded definitely isn’t the best way to have fun.

Flat Tire

If you are ready for it all, then conquering Seven Mile Pass is going to be a blast. When you finally reach the end and get to see the sunset in what feels like the middle of nowhere, it makes the journey more than worth it.

This beautiful world awaits, so get out there and see it!


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