Five Mile Pass

Utah is well known for its beautiful lands. The mountains and dessert make great opportunist for hiking, fishing, camping, and off road recreational activities. Moab is a internationally know for the annual eastern jeep safari that is held. There are many national parks that are beautiful to see; Zions, Arches, and Bryce canyon. There are also plenty of places around the state that are not as famous as those nationally known names.

I have a big passion in the automotive world and love anything with dirt! I find my self out at Five Mile Pass often as it offers opportunities to strategically crawl or higher speed dirt races.

First generation subaru legacy on trail

This location is famous to the locals ATV and Dirt biking. Some people say it is more preferably for ATV’s and Razor style trail riders as it is very rocky and in some points. But it is such a big area there are plenty of places to find an application for both.

Just because the locals love to bring out their trail runners and dirt bikes doesn’t mean your friendly neighborhood Subaru can’t enjoy some dirt.

It is recommended you go with a buddy vehicle in case of an issue. Also recommended you have the proper equipment or else there will most definitely be issues. Along with have proper tools to deal with the issues when they appear. This is a dessert so bring water and food as back up is also wise. I found that climbing up some really rocky hills on an old and dry rotted tire is not smart.

Watching the sunset out there in what seems the middle of now where is a beautiful sight. As well as a great potential memory with the ones you hold most dear.