We Believe

Business is not about money or a transaction but about great service and building relationships. We believe that buying an RV should be an awesome experience. We hold to the principle that if you give more in value than what you take in payment, you will always have enough in life

Our Mission Statement

Together we inspire others to achieve extraordinary excellence through belief, change, and progress

Our Story

We are a small family owned business. We love what we do, and the reason is because we love camping and the outdoors! We grew up with our parents always owning some type of RV. From the camper in the bed of the truck to fifth wheels and motor homes. During the summers our dad would pack the RV and would take us on what he called the “Ultimate Vacation”. We would travel all over for a month; from national parks to Disneyland and beyond.

We love RVing! We don’t just look at RVs as a toy or a luxury. We cherish the memories that we had as children and truly believe that everyone can come closer with their families and build memories they will never forget with their RV. It is time you get out and see this beautiful country!

Established in 2009

 Towards the end of the year in 2008, we started flipping cars while attending college to make a little extra money. Our journey began selling cars right from our home, until we discovered that wasn’t permissible. We swiftly transitioned into a storefront, but it didn’t take long for us to realize that cars were not our true passion – it wasn’t a path we wanted to pursue indefinitely.

After two years of attending auctions and selling used cars, our mother wanted to buy an RV and asked if we could find an auction that sold RVs. We found her an RV and then convinced her to let us try selling it. The experience selling the RV was so unique from selling cars that it made a huge impact on us. The couple that purchased it tearfully thanked us and told us we were fulfilling a dream they had for many years. After that day we never looked back. We consider it a great honor and responsibility to do what we do. Now almost 14 years later and 5 location changes and constantly looking for ways to grow and improve.

We have been in the constant search of excellence.

Part of our journey has been moving from travel trailers to 5th wheels and then to RV Motorhomes. We at one point started to sell million dollar diesel RV motorhomes. This was because we were always unhappy with the quality we saw in American Made travel trailers. After a few years of selling the best of the best in Motorhomes like Monaco and Newmar. We shifted our focus to a higher quality product and we found some really incredible off road trailers. First we started with a company that was making trailers in China that were inspired by Australian off road trailers. After the quality declined in these trailers, we set our eyes onto even better product.

Now we are truly carrying the best of the best off road trailers you can find in America.

Fast forward to today, we are at a spot we would not have been able to dream of back in 2009 when we started. We have helped build the most extreme off-road trailers that we call ROAMERS. Starting with The ROAMER 1, which has been built exclusively for ROA by Imperial Outdoors. We are also proud retailers of other distinguished off-road trailers made right here in the USA. This includes the Pause XC16.4, Pause XC20.2, XC20.3 and Pause XC21.4 models crafted by Palomino, as well as the Xplore X145 and X195 by Imperial Outdoors. We also carry products from reputable American off-road companies such as Taxa Outdoors.

Our uniqueness stems from sourcing the best trailers globally, not just in the United States.

From the true rugged outback of Australia, we import one of the best off-road campers in the world called BRS Campers. We also carry Kimberly Kampers that has been building some of the best campers in Australia for over 2 decades.

From the rugged terrains of South Africa, we also bring to you the incredible Conqueror trailers. Once manufactured for the military, these units are built with military-grade strength and durability.

We also offer select models from American companies that draw their inspiration from Australia’s off-road and outback industry. These units, known as MDC Campers, are sourced and partially assembled in China, then completed in America. This approach allows for significant cost reductions while retaining quality, providing our customers with incredible value on these exceptional off-road trailers.

At the end of the day we are driven by our mission to always be progressing and improving everything we do. This is just the start of something truly great.

Core value is a guiding principle. It is something that we live by every day of our life. It is something that we value at our core!


At the end of the day there is nothing more important. We always put our family first. That means we go home for dinner and take off weekends. We turn off the phone and disconnect to be with our family because they are more important than anyone else.

Higher Power

We call it God. You may call it something else. We definitely feel that you always need to trust in something higher than yourself.


Life is all about growth. The times you are happiest in life are when you are growing and progressing.


We used to sell anything we could get our hands on. Over the years you start to see products that fall apart and we really don’t want anything to do with those products. That is why we carry the off road trailers that we do. Because we want to feel good and be able to stand behind the caravans we sell. With that being said, we believe quality of service is the ultimate goal. We strive to amaze everyone with our excellent attention to detail and care. 


Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t value this? We work hard so that we can become more successful to free up our time. We use RVs to get out on the open road and experience the freedom nature offers!


We believe that you need to always take ownership. Never blame, never say it isn’t my job, never say ‘poor me!’, etc. We don’t believe in failure as a bad thing. We believe you learn and try not to repeat what doesn’t work. Failure is an opportunity to learn and a necessary step to success!


We love to build relationships with our ROAmers. We don’t believe in a one time transaction. We will help you long after your purchase.


Whenever we work with vendors or any business associates we ask: ‘Are they trying to sell us on something or are they teaching us?’ Our best advice when trying to shop for something is to ask yourself- does this person have the heart of a teacher?


Work, work, work. We work harder than anyone else. Whenever you find someone who has done anything amazing there is ten times more work behind them than you realize.

No Gossip

Gossip benefits nobody and is a terribly toxic thing to do. Great minded people talk about ideas and ideals. Small minded people talk about other people.



Shane is married to a wonderful Peruvian, whom (ironically) he met on a road-trip in an RV with friends. He loves to learn, read, travel, camp and, most of all, hike! He served an LDS mission to Cleveland, Ohio.


Josh is always learning and excited to improve his life and everyone around him. He is the father of two girls and wonderful wife from AK. His family gets in the outdoors as much as they can for an adventure. his enthusiasm for life and growth is infectious.


Jordan spent his childhood in Texas, and many summers traveling with his family from state to state. He is passionate about landscape photography and making entertaining short films to share with others.


You will find Drake always being positive and constantly trying to add value in everyway he can. He is full of ideas to better everyone and everything around him. He always is adding insightful thoughts for the team.

Office Manager

Tony is Amazing!


Service Writer

Kike is one of the hardest workers and has extreme attention to details. He first a father that does everything for his family! He is also a very loyal friend.

Lead Tech

Carlos is an extremely hard worker and always hungry to learn and improve.





Coby is without a doubt one of the most loyal people you will meet in your life. He is one of the most caring people too. He literally will take the shirt off his back for a stranger. He makes for a great tech because of his attention to detail. Native to Utah he has a Jeep and is always ready for adventure.


Jax is always good for a laugh and a good time. He is positive and would never say something mean about you behind your back but that won’t stop him from teasing you. One of the hardest workers you will ever meet and father of 5 daughters! Truly an incredible guy!


Brandon is one of the magicians behind the camera! He has a passion for video editing, filming and marketing! If you’ve seen us on Youtube, he’s likely played a key role in getting that video live. He has been married to his wonderful wife Lisi for 6 years.




Service Writer

ROAMER Adventures


Randy is Amazing!


The Boss! He is never off! The guy has more ideas and energy that most people will have in 10 life times. He is incredibly hungry and humble and always learning. Any dream team would not be complete without Nate.




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