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We offer a service that can’t be found anywhere else in America. From the moment you start with us to the rest of your life and ownership of your rig. We focus on new campers, trailers, caravans, and trucks for the most extreme off-road and off-grid demands. However, not everyone needs to take their trailer over boulders or through rivers. For some, our rigs are a perfect fit because of the quality and comfort. Rest assured our rigs will elevate your camping experience and last a lifetime.

What makes your experience unique at ROA OFF-ROAD is that you won’t feel like it’s a transaction. You become a ROAMER when you work with us. This community is unlike any other community. They are people seeking experiences and friendships that will last for the rest of their lives.

Come and see our incredible line up of RV travel trailer manufactures from the all new Pause by Palomino to Scout Truck campers and the Xplore X195, X145 by Imperial Outdoors. We have many imports from all over the world everything from Conquerors UEV 490, UEV 14 & UEV 19 or Patriot Campers X1, X3 and the Dweller D13 & D15. Most important you have to see our most luxurious  and top of the line ROAMER 1 or ROAMER X. 

ROA OFF-ROAD is truly your one stop for everything off road and off grid camping. 


Imperial outdoors Xplore RV – X145 & X195

Roamer 1

Roamer X

Pause by Palomino – XC20.2 & XC20.3

OBI Dwellers – D13, D15 & D19

Conqueror UEV 440, UEV 490, UEV 14 & UEV 19

Patriot Campers – X1, X1N, X1H, X3

Scout Campers

TAXA habitats


Tribe Trailers


What Roa gives you that nobody else will


We believe that you should not just shine before and during the sale, but AFTER is more important than anything else. We have a dedicated over-the-phone tech support line to offer assistance whenever you need it, wherever you may be.


 We are the first off-road exclusive trailer dealer in the U.S. We have camped in every rig you see on our site. We have knowledge that no one else has and we share it with our owners. This makes you more equipped to face anything!


We are the only upgrade shop in America specialized in off-road trailers. We make the best trailers EVEN BETTER! We love to help you make the trailer your own.


We connect our ROAMERS (Customers) through incredible experiences! We have a community of owners that become life long friends and do the most incredible trips together every year.

ROA OFF-ROAD is your one stop for everything when it comes to off-road and off-grid RVs .

We carry the best off-road trailers in the world. We have helped build the most extreme off-road trailers that we call ROAMERS. Starting with The ROAMER X; we have teamed up with High Altitude to make this trailer unlike anything else in America. Then, we have The ROAMER 1, which has been built by Imperial Outdoors and made it exclusive to us. The other off-road trailers that we sell are proudly made in the USA called the Hiatus XC20.2 and XC20.3 Pause by Palomino. Other USA made off-grid trailers are the Xplore X145 and X195 by Imperial Outdoors. The other American off-road companies that we carry are Scout Truck Campers, Taxa Outdoors, Vorsheer and RKS OFF-ROAD.

What makes use even more unique from any other places in the USA is that we don’t only carry the best off-road and off grid travel trailers made in the United Sates but we source some of the best trailers globally and bring them to you.

From the true rugged outback of Australia, we import one of the best off-road campers in the world called Patriot Campers. These are truly unstoppable trailers. We also carry Kimberly Kampers that has been building some of the best campers in Australia for over 2 decades.

From Canada to Africa the amazing off grid trailers or OGT from Edmonton Canada to the incredible Conquerors originally from South Africa and built for the military.

We also carry some units that are owned by American Companies that have been inspired by Australia off-road and outback industry. They source and build in China and complete final assembly in America to allow an incredible value in cost reduction. These Dwellers are amazing off-road trailers for a great deal.

ROA OFF-ROAD is truly your number one authority in off-road travel trailers.

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