The First Trailer of its Kind, Pause by Palomino, the Smart Trailer

The First Trailer of its Kind, Pause by Palomino, the Smart Trailer

Pause Ouside Pic

The Pause by Palomino is quite the camping trailer. Not only does it have some of the features that many of the great off road campers share, but it has some key features that other off road trailers simply don’t have. We are going to tackle it all, but let’s start with what really makes the Pause the first of its kind.

Pause, the Smart Trailer

The technology on Palomino’s Pause camper is leaps and bounds into the future. It’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen done with a camper. Palomino worked with Garmin to actually create a smart trailer. You can control all of your electronics from a Garmin pad. Think of it like a tablet.

Pause Garmin Tablet

If a fuse trips, you can reset it from the Garmin tablet and all of your lights can be controlled from it as well. This camper even has a fully self leveling system that can be activated with a single click on your tablet! But wait, it doesn’t stop there! You can access these smart features, and others, with your phone if you don’t like the Garmin tablet.

Another great smart feature is the cameras all around the Pause trailer. Normally this would just be a cool feature, but nothing to write home about. On the other hand, because of the fact that this trailer is a smart trailer, the cameras are a game changer. Imagine that you are at the store, or out hiking and you just want to check on your camper. Normally that is impossible, but with the Pause that isn’t the case. This trailer has the capability for you to link into the cameras on your phone from anywhere! The peace of mind that this feature can bring is just amazing.

This camper really is revolutionary. It makes everything easier and eliminates a lot of wasted time and a lot of hassle. If you like the smart lights, locks and other features that can be installed at home, just wait until you get this trailer. You are going to love it!

The Pause, Nearly Indestructible and Seamless too

Some trailers out there are so flimsy it seems like a strong gust of wind could tear them down, but the Pause doesn’t have that problem. This camper is easily one of the toughest, if not ‘the’ toughest, trailer on the market in its class.

Some trailers can be dented by a stray tree branch or even a good kick, but not the Pause would only laugh at such attempts. Even a sledge hammer didn’t so much as leave a dent! Don’t believe me? I have to admit it does sound kind of ridiculous. If you want to make sure I’m not just yanking your chain, feel free to check out this video.

So, everybody wants to know what this wall is made of. A wall that can withstand the whack of a sledgehammer is quite impressive after all. It’s actually a trans core composite material. On top of that, it’s not thermally bonded. It’s heated together so you’re never going to get that infuriating delamination.

If it stopped there, I’d be impressed enough, but it doesn’t. In addition to being a tank, the Pause is seamless, which is a pretty big deal. There are only a handful of caravans out there that are seamless, such as the ROAMER X or Bruder’s units. The reason seamless trailers are just so great is that you don’t have to worry about water getting into your trailer. You don’t have to be afraid of the mold or mildew that can happen when water leaks occur. Even more important, water won’t get into the walls, threatening to rot away your trailer from the inside. This seamless build is another way in which the Pause brings peace of mind and enhances your off-roading adventures.

Palomino made this camper to last through the ages.

A Suspension to Rival all Other Suspensions

Pause Suspension

One of the most import things about an off road trailer is the suspension. If you want the freedom to get away from the campgrounds and find that perfect spot, you can’t have just any old suspension. At ROA OFF-ROAD we have seen pretty much every trailer, fifth wheel, and motorhome out there. The suspension on the Pause is in a league of it’s own.

It has independent suspension, which is crucial for off-roading. Here’s the thing though. It’s not just independent suspension, but independent airbag suspension. Why does matter? Let me tell you. Because of the airbags, you can be on ground that isn’t level and you can make the trailer level by pumping up or letting pressure out of the airbags. That’s fantastic! Something that is also very unique about this airbag suspension is the range it has. You have the capability to lift the Pause up and down 10 to 12 inches. 10 to 12 inches! That is huge!

At the lowest point of clearance on the Pause, you have 25 inches. No rock or tree limb on the path is going to stop you with this incredible suspension. And because the suspension is smart too, you can control it from inside your vehicle. If you need to lower or raise the suspension to clear particularly obstacles you can do so without even leaving your cab!

This suspension isn’t just fancy, but it is incredibly tough too. Palomino wanted to make sure the Pause’s suspension could handle off-roading so they had it tested extensively. First they drove the pause for a thousand miles, then they took it to the proving grounds. This course the suspension was tested on, is a place where military tanks, Humvees and construction equipment are tested. It has all sorts of hills, bumps, valleys and even water. So, it wasn’t just a parking lot or anything simple like that. You want to see what I’m talking about? check out this video at minute 8:30-9:30

American Made

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This is a big deal for America. In the past, basically all of the great off-roading caravans have come from outside of the US. Brands like Xplore, Bruder, Conqueror, or Patriot all have to be imported. With the Pause, that is not the case. This is an American made trailer. In fact, they are manufactured right here in Indiana. America is really starting to step into the off road industry and that will solve a lot of problems. There are often little quirks when you import trailers. You know, like how the door is put on to open the opposite way and little things like that. But even more exciting than that is first, that you won’t have to import. No more wondering if your rig was lost somewhere on the ocean in transit, or stuck in customs.

The second thing that is exciting is the quality. American made things tend to be quite well made. On top of that, Palomino is actually a debt free company, which means they have the funds to truly make the Pause a quality product to rival all others. Invitation will be a constant and there will be no scrimping and looking for the cheapest parts to put on the trailer when it comes to the Pause.

Storage Space

First off, the Pause is actually a bit wider than many off road campers, making it feel spacious. We had six adult men in there chatting and it didn’t feel at all cramped. You would be surprised what a few extra inches in width does to a trailer’s feel.

Pause Inside Shot

Beyond the general spacious feel, the Pause actually has quite a bit of storage. On the back of the unit, there is a space that is just as tall as the rest of the trailer and quite deep. In all, that single compartment has just about 63 cubic feet of space to put things. It’s a very unique addon I haven’t seen on other trailers.

Back Compartment

There is also an enormous safe, hidden behind the TV. What I mean by enormous is that you can fit a 6″2′ man that is over 200 pounds inside with a bit of space to spare. I’ve never seen such a large hidden safe on a trailer.

Pause Hidden Safe

On top of these two huge storage spaces, there are a good amount of premium aluminum cabinets insides the trailer to put things and several compartments on the outside as well. Storage isn’t something you will have to worry over too much when it comes to the Pause.


The Pause by Palomino truly is one of a kind with all of it’s smart features. It will give you the freedom to travel the back roads and the mountain paths, while giving you plenty of room to bring along the entire family. If you are looking for an off road trailer and one that will last, then your search has come to an end. Adventure awaits, so what are you waiting for?


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Something Extra (Key Features of the Pause)

  • MorRyde Huck- Rivet Aluminum Frame: MorRyde Independent Air Ride Suspension with Bilstein Shocks, Articulating Hitch, A Frame Storage Box, Automotive off-road rear bumper w/2 swinging tire carriers, 25″ Ground Clearance.
  • Garmin O.N.E Control: One touch leveling system- electric stabilizers and tongue jack, Off Road Navigation, Fusion Entertainment, Smart Control of Electronic Functions.
  • Piuma Dual Pane Acrylic Windows w/integrated blind and screen.
  • Transcore Composite floor, walls and roof – No Wood throughout Unit.
  • Full Body Wrap.
  • Polyurea Coated Front Wall and Extrusions.
  • Thule Legless Awning.
  • Puncture Proof Underbelly.
  • Off Road Light Bar.
  • WiFi Ranger.
  • Rear 62.7 cubic feet of storage.
  • Aluminum Cabinets.
  • Offboard air for inflation of tires, toys, etc..
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System.