Every Trailer Has A Kryptonite…. So, Upgrade!

Every Trailer Has A Kryptonite…. So, Upgrade!

sewer valve (in need of winter package upgrade)

Xplore, OBI, Pause, and any other camper you can name, all have something in common. Campers are not perfect! Truly, every Superman has a Kryptonite… That is exactly why here at ROA OFF-RAOD we take things that are great and make them better! After all, if you can upgrade a trailer to make it better, why wouldn’t you?

Poor Underbelly Insulation Upgrade ❄️

For those of us who adventure into the cold, we wanna stay warm and definitely don’t want the water in our pipes freezing either! Whether it’s you or your trailer’s water, freezing is enough to ruin anyone’s day. That’s exactly why we have an upgrade for trailer insulation!

Hard to Hook up Hitch 🙁

There are a lot of hitches out there that are such a pain to hook up. You back up and go forward half a dozen times or more. If you aren’t in exactly the right spot, then you’re out of luck. We have an upgrade for that!

Bad ventilation in bathroom 🔁

Usually the windows throughout the rigs are pretty good, but when it comes to the fan in the bathroom, it’s a different story. Most trailers have puny little things don’t provide hardly any circulation, which is made even worse when there is no window in the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most import places to have circulation for obvious reason. Well, you’re in luck because ROA OFF-RAOD has an upgrade for that.

So What? Upgrade!

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