What’s The Best Kind Of Fishing? Fly Fishing!

What’s The Best Kind Of Fishing? Fly Fishing!

Fly Fishing

When people talk about going outdoors and camping, an activity that so often goes hand in hand with it is fishing. That’s how it was for me. I will always remember the many times that I went fishing with my old man, as he passed down all his vast knowledge and experience. It wasn’t just fishing it was more than that. It was time that got to spend with him and learning from him over the countless hours we spent in the cool Georgia fresh water ponds and lakes and even the salty waters down in the Gulf of Mexico on the Florida side.

Fly Fishing

I did many different types of fishing with my old man, but the one that I really fell in love with was fly fishing. The constant interaction of it keeps me focused and excited, waiting for the stunning sight of a rainbow trout striking your “unaware” dry fly. That’s when the fight begins! Even if your shoulder is sore from all the casting, the instant you have that fish on the line it all goes away, washed away by the adrenaline. That trout is yours and nothing is going to stop you from catching it! The first time I hooked a fish, I was hooked.

Fly fishing is broken up into different styles dry and wet, or nymphing. Dry is where you act as a water bug floating on the water and occasionally taking off and landing again. Though a lot of the fish will do there feeding lower in the lake/river. Because of that, sometimes It can be hard to catch anything when you’re dry. For that very reason there is also wet or nymphing, where you submerge the fly down to the feeding level.

The Basics

So, are you ready to go out fly fishing? Well slow down for just a second. Let’s make sure you have all the gear you need. Rod, Reels, lines, and flies are the bare necessities. Getting set up with the right ones at the right price is always a challenge, but you’re in luck. Your local fishing shop will help you get what you need to start casting.

What Are You Fishing For?

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When you are getting your gear together you need to decide what kind of fish you want to catch. depending on the kind of fish you want to catch you will have to fish in certain locations and use certain types of fishing gear. For example, in cold water you will find trout and salmon. Every fisher has heard about the Alaska salmon fishing! In cooler, not freezing, water you’ll find things like pike and perch. In the warmer water there are bass and catfish which are what I grew up catching in the warmer Georgia lakes and ponds.

All of those are just fresh water fish. There are a multitude of salt water fishes to catch too. Redfish, halibut, marlin and sharks just to name a few. The ocean is vast with opportunity!


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Now that we have brushed up on what could be in your area, let’s talk about the flies you will use to become a fishing master! There are two categories that are used for flies: imitative and attractive. When using an imitative fly, the whole purpose is to match the actual flies the fish would eat. Using a fly that looks similar to the actual water insects is known to help. Some fish aren’t just dumb things that eat. They are pretty picky about what they consume! The attractive flies’ purpose is to attract the fish’s natural instincts to strike. The attractive flies don’t follow any rules in regards to looking like a real insect. Its main job is to be flashy and ‘attractive.’

Unfortunately, you can only learn so much about an activity like fly fishing from reading, but there is a huge video encyclopedia on the internet that I use to teach myself new skills all the time! You have most definitely used it in the past, Youtube. Youtube is one of my biggest resources because I can answer almost any question in a matter of minutes! There are tons of videos uploaded there that will teach everything you can possibly imagine about fly fishing! It’s a great way to learn casting techniques, fishing knots, and see mind blowing catches! Using the information you read here and skills you can learn from watching videos, you are on your way to becoming a fishing master!

It’s a beautiful world, so get out there and see it!

A little something extra

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