Get Off-Grid with ROA’s 2024 Headliners

For the first time ever, the best Off-Road and Off-Grid Trailers are built here in the US and only a few imported from Australia. Our curated and tested lineup has something for every adventurer. Find your Dream Trailer Here!

Exclusive White Label ROAMER Line

Our manufacturers recognize ROA Off-Road as a leader in the Off-Road/Off-Grid Trailer genre. We work together with them to design trailers with our specifications because we believe in always improving.


Palomino Pause Line:

We love the Pause Team. They dedicate themselves to quality and everything about their trailers is innovative or simply the best in its class already. Garmin, Victron, and Battle Born power each of their units and are just a few of the high quality components thoughtfully selected.

Imperial Outdoors Line: 

Imperial Outdoors creates some of the finest 4-season trailers in the market. These trailers are winter capable, tow like a dream, and are EXTREMELY luxurious inside. Don’t miss checking out these units by Imperial Outdoors.

BRS-Off Road Line: 

BRS recently started manufacturing trailers here in the US! The Pursuit and Sherpa are both award winning trailers. They won the Australian Camper Trailer of the Year awards in 2018 and 2019. ROA is one of their few dealers here in the US.

Taxa Outdoors Line:

Taxa Outdoors is one of our favorites because of their simplicity. Their units are modular, sturdy, and now come with customizable wraps to personalize your unit. Taxa units come with everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

Watch Shane, the ROA Off-Road CEO walk through our 2024 lineup here: