How do I know what my RV is worth or how to book out an RV to Buy?

Have you ever gone to an RV Dealership and wondered how they price out their RVs? Or have you ever been looking on line and saw two different RVs that looked identical, only one cost $100,000 and the other only cost $50,000? Maybe you just want to sale your personal RV you bought a few years back and you have no idea where to start the price at.

Well, don’t worry because you are in luck and I am going to explain as best as possible how to find out how much any RV out there is worth and what you should do before buying an RV. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars or make you thousands of dollars.

Just like a car when you want to know what it is worth you go to Kelly Blue book Value guides it is similar with RVs. Only none of the values are at Kelly Blue Book. Instead, For RVs you are going to want to go to There you will find at the top of the page a RV tab. Check out the picture below and you can see a big arrow pointing to the tab.

After you click the RV tab on the next page you will see a large button that says “Start Here” Click that button to go to the page where you will choose the manufature. Check out the picture below so you can see an example.

At the next page you choose the Manufacturer. You will see “RV Prices, Specs and Reviews” Below that you will see that you can select a manufacturer. In the picture below you can see that I have circled the top left manufacturer which is Airstream. Check out the picture below.

In the next page you will see “2016 Airstream Prices, Values and Specs” Once again I have circled something for you to click. Click on the year pull down bar to make sure you are going to be looking at the right year. The picture below shows an example.

Now it is going to get a little more difficult to figure things out if you don’t have all the info you need from the trailer. In the next picture you will see that I have circled some models and model numbers. All of the info you are going to find on the trailer itself. If you don’t have the trailer with you it may be hard or impossible to know the exact model or model number. Check out the picture below to see the models.

For this example we are going to say that we know the model number and it is the first one on the top which is “Interstate 3500 Lounge” After you click on the model and model number it will take you to a page where you can read some Notes from the Manufacturer on the options that come standard. You can also enter mileage and add more options if needed. Check out the picture below so you can see.

Lastly, After you have entered the mileage and any options you will click continue and get the final value. Check out the picture below so you can see what I am saying. Under the boldValues you will see a Base Price and to the left you will see the Suggested List Price which is what it cost brand new $149,031 And the current Low book is $108,700 and the Average Retail (which is like the the high book) is$130,950 Below those values you can see that I added two options. You have to be careful to only add options if they are not considered standard. After you add the options you can see that the unit is worth on the low end $109,230and on the high end $132,590 Now that I have explained it all take a look at the picture below and see what I am saying.

I hope all this is making sense to you.

I wanted to give you an example from which is an RV classifieds site. From there we will look for a unit that you want and then you will need to go to and check it out to see if it is a good deal. Like I said the easiest way for you to understand what I am writing today is to check out the video below.

The Video will be coming soon!!