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Uev 14 (2022) Outside Open Mountains

We aren’t your local RV Dealership. There’s a mountain more to RVs of America. Good people come from all around the United States to become a part of the ROAMER Community. In fact, the majority of our ROAMERs are from out of state! Here at RVs of America, it’s a part of our culture to deliver more in value than what the customer pays for. Find out what seperates us from others! 

Together We inspire others to Acheive Extraordinary Excellence through Belief, Change, and Progress.

Meet the Team behind the Mission Statement.

Access to the ROAMER Tech-line/Support Team

As a part of the ROAMER Community, you have access to our ROAMER Tech-line. The Tech-line allows you to call and text our ROAMER Support Team for answers to quick questions, troubleshooting and scheduling your trailer for upgrades or repairs. The tech-line saves you time and frustration in case the problem you’re having has an easy fix! Thanks to the tech-line, our first-time trailer owners feel much more confident knowing we’re still in their corner after they leave the shop!

Roamer Community Tech Support

Our Member-Exclusive Shop:

Once you purchase an RV from any other RV dealership, its standard practice for the sales team to hand you the keys and send you on your way. At ROA Off-Road, we’re raising the bar with our extensive experience, our dedication to quality, and trailer mods that you can’t get anywhere else!


Our Technicians have more experience with our Off-Grid Travel Trailer inventory than anyone else in the market. Other RV dealerships may sell some of the same product that we do, but they don’t have the relationships or the camping experience that we do. Becoming a part of the ROAMER community means you’re in the best possible hands when it comes to having your trailer in our shop.

Quality Inspections (PDIs)

Nothing in this world is perfect. Unfortunately, this includes RVs. Every new RV is guaranteed a bug or two. Maybe there’s a piece of inside trim hanging down here or a loose bolt there.   That’s why ROA Off-Road takes the time to perform a PDI on each trailer that leaves our shop. PDI stands for Pre-Delivery Inspection. The PDI includes everything from the furnace to the bearings to the solar panels. It’s a Top to bottom PDI! When you purchase a trailer from any other Dealer, you receive a new trailer that the dealership hasn’t yet looked at. You’re left to find those small bugs for yourself and reschedule with the shop to have those items taken care of.

Obviously, performing a quality-check on a vehicle isn’t completely revolutionary. At the majority of RV dealerships, an inspection costs anywhere from $300-600 depending on the Class RV. At RVs of America, our quality inspections are free!

The ROA Mod-Shop!

Welding on an Off Road trailer

Belief, Change, and Progress

Motivated by our belief that anything can be improved, we push ourselves to be customer driven. We want to make great things even better. In the past we converted 3-season trailers to 4-season trailer, upgraded electrical components, solar systems and more. We are awesome, but not every upgrade is possible for every trailer. Talk with our Sales Coaches and Service Coaches to see what upgrades/modifications are available for your trailer!

Included Walkthrough:

Travel Trailer WalkthroughOnce you come to pick up your trailer, we spend the time coaching on your trailer. One of our Team Members walks you through the various trailer systems and explains set up and take-down procedures so that you have a basic understanding of how your new trailer works.

Walkthroughs are one more thing that most other dealers charge their customers for. A walkthrough at another dealer can be hundreds of dollars. Our ROAMERs leave feeling confident after a thorough and completely free walkthrough!


ROAMER Community Adventures

Wasatch ROAMER community adventure

ROAMER Adventure held in the Wasatch Mountains

We aren’t interested in a transaction, we want to build relationships. We built a community of ROAMERs who know and go camping with one another outside of our own organized events. RVs of America hosts a number of adventures throughout the year where ROAMERs can bring their trailers and camp together in exciting locations and an Annual ROAMER Rally. Our Adventures and Rallys include excursions, off-roading, remote camping locations, and classes on important topics like Solar and Towing. Watch what happens at a ROAMER Adventure on YouTube!