2022 OBI Graveler *Utah*


Meet OBI Graveler

Ultimate off road trailer for smaller tow vehicles! The 2022 OBI Graveler is the smallest, lightest, and most affordable off-road trailer that comes equipped with independent coil and shock suspension.

This is in stock and ready to roll!

There is no comparison to this type of suspension. The most popular independent suspension here in the USA is Timbren. The Australian designed coil and shock suspension that you see on this 2022 OBI Graveler is leaps and bounds better for off-road use than the Timbren Axle-less system. I have used both extensively.

The rooftop tent is very similar to the iKamper style with a hard shell that pops open revealing another section that folds out. Room for 3 adults. Sets up in minutes.

For under 20k you won’t find another trailer that has this type of suspension and is this light weight yet still has everything you need.

Did you see the grill! BBQ some meat and veggies to make the perfect campout complete.

Tons of enclosed storage as well as the section under the rooftop tent for larger items like camp chairs, firewood, climbing/hiking/camping gear. It is lockable.

Call or text with any questions!


Tent view, 2022 OBI Graveler


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