Escapod Topo 2

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Meet Escapod Topo 2

Experience the resilient prowess of the off-road teardrop camper, designed to withstand the test of time. The TOPO2, boasting a unified composite body and fortified with a structural PET core, epitomizes excellence as a high-end teardrop trailer, eliminating the dilemma between thrill-seeking escapades and luxurious repose. Dare to embark on uncharted endeavors, uncover untrodden landscapes, and create a haven wherever destiny guides you.



Functional and Simple

This rear galley kitchen offers a functional space to do all of your outdoor cooking, it comes with a removable table, cutting board, knives, and an impressive 8,000 BTU cooktop. Best part? It's reachable for every height.

Go Anywhere You Want

This features an in-house built independent suspension that will allow you to obliterate rocky dirt roads without causing any abuse to the trailer itself. The suspension is ready to take on anything you are brave enough to try.

Camp All Year Long

The water tank is fully indoors and ducted with heat so you'll never have an excuse not to camp! The PET core composite insulates the trailer well and you'll be comfortable, sun, rain or snow!

Bring All Your Gear

With plenty of interior and exterior storage, you won't have to worry about how you'll take all your things with you. This trailer has thought of everything when it comes to where to put your things.



- Dry Weight: 1920 LBS
- Dry Tongue Weight: 250 LBS
- Exterior Length: 162" (13.5')
- Exterior Width: 84"
- Exterior Height: 80.5"
- Interior Headroom: 44"
- Interior Width: 70.5"
- Interior Length: 82.5"
- Ground Clearance: 23"
- Water Capacity: 21-Gallons

- Body Materials: Structural Composite
- Tongue Storage: 8 cubic feet
- Cabin Storage: 15 Cubic Feet
- Galley Storage: 6 Cubic Feet


- Mattress Size: True Queen 60" x 80"
- Mattress Thickness: 6" Low VOC Memory Foam


8,000 BTU Stove
ARB Fridge
Dometic 12V AC


- Frame: Galvanized Steel
- Suspension: Independent Suspension*
- Tire size: 31" Tires 16" Wheels (265/75R16)

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