ROAMER 1 An Industry Disrupter

ROAMER 1 An Industry Disrupter

Roamer 1 Desert night

The ROAMER 1 is going to be a disruptor in the off road industry. What do I mean by that? Well, that is exactly what this blog will be about, but suffice it to say, the ROAMER 1 is going to set a new standard for off road campers. Many in the off-roading world are going to have to raise the quality of their trailers or be left behind. 

Insulation For The Most Frigid And The Most Scorching Temperatures On The Globe

The Bitter Cold

Roamer 1 Snow Shot

The first thing that truly sets the ROAMER 1 apart is the insulation. This insulation was originally created for trailers sold to ice fishers. ICE FISHERS! With the Truma heater you can stay warm in -40 degree weather. That’s just how good the insulation is! 

It’s all one piece composite material, that is almost 3″ thick! Wow! It is very, very thick material. On top of that, there are no aluminum studs in this trailer. Because there’s no aluminum, you eliminate thermal bridging into the inside. That’s why this unit laughs in the face of those cold winter days.

The composite material is made of a very high density foam for insulation and fiberglass. The best part is that it’s actually laid and interwoven into a carbon fiber backing. So, fiberglass carbon fiber with a high density foam and on the inside is more fiberglass. With no aluminum inside these walls to conduct or let heat in, the insulation really does keep out the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer.

Besides the fact that the insulation is probably better than a fridge’s, because the designer went with carbon fiber instead of wood, there was an amazing side effect. With how much lighter the carbon fiber is in comparison to wood, the overall weight of the trailer is significantly less.

The Scorching Heat

Roamer 1 Outside Passenger Side Desert

The ROAMER 1 doesn’t only preform fantastically in the cold though. Just think about an insulated mug for example. It can keep something cold or keep something hot. It doesn’t just do one or the other. The ROAMER 1 is no different. Just as it can keep warm in below 0 degree weather, it can keep cool in the middle of a desert too.

Sitting in the desert with the 90 degree weather beating down on you, you can still keep the inside of this trailer cool. Truly, if there was ever a 4 seasons trailer, the ROAMER 1 is that trailer. No matter where you adventure around the globe, the ROAMER 1 will be the perfect home away from home.

Truly Off Grid Ready

For a Camper to really be considered off grid, it should be able to run everything when you are away from the camping grounds. Whether it’s the heater, the AC, your TV or even the oven, you should be able to use all of it. The ROAMER 1 readily offers just that. You don’t have to be plugged in, in order enjoy every part of your trailer.

Now, you might say, well that’s all well and good, but if I am running all that then my batteries are going to be drained in no time. If you thought something along those lines, then you may just be surprised. The ROAMER 1 has a massive battery bank, sitting at a whopping 1080 amps lithium power!

Roamer 1 Batteries

But wait… it doesn’t stop there. If this battery bank wasn’t enough, there are 1240 watts of solar feeding those batteries too! If you have to end your adventure early, it won’t be because of lack of power. Truly, this rig is 100% off grid capable.

Solar Panels Xplore X145

Off Road Capability

You might be wondering if the ROAMER 1 is tough enough to handle the rough trails and jagged mountain passes. Wonder no more!

Roamer 1 Outside Front Off Road ShotRoamer 1 Atx Suspension

No trailer can truly be considered off road unless you have fantastic suspension. Simply slapping some huge tires on a camper doesn’t make it off road. It’s about the suspension more than the tires. Independent airbag suspension is some of the best for off-roading and that is exactly what why the ROAMER 1 has it.

With independent suspension, you have the freedom to explore off the beaten path. Where many fifth wheels and other trailers are confined to the paved roads, because of their poor suspension and clearance, you don’t have either of those problems with this rig. Uneven ground and even rocks and holes won’t stop you. That’s what’s so great about this suspension, it allows your tires to pivot and move separately from each other. Not only does this take off a lot of stress on the trailer, but it also makes for ease of towing, both on and off the paved roads.

Precious Water

One of the main things that will cut your adventure short is running out of water. Unfortunately, water is used for many many things. You use it to flush your toilet, to clean, to cook, and let’s not forget the most important thing, to drink. Water is precious, but there just never seems to be enough of it when you are out camping. The ROAMER 1 has made a splash, pun intended, when it comes to water.

First off, the Roamer 1 has a 60 gallon water tank. That’s more than just a little. Think about going to the store and getting a gallon of milk. Yeah, 60 of those would fit in this tank. In response you might say, “well, if it was just for drinking that would be a lot, but I use it for other things too.” It’s true that 60 gallons can only be stretched so far when things like showers are involved, which is why we added an amazing feature. The ROAMER 1 enables you to pump from a stream nearby to fill your tank again. That’s not all. You can even recycle your gray water if no fresh water is available. That is absolutely incredible! With this portable filtration system, you can easily pump filtered gray water right into the fresh water tank. Turn 60 gallons into at least 180!

Roamer 1 Water Tank

A Fantastic Layout

The Layout of this rig just flows. From the bed to the kitchen to the bathroom and shower, you can tell that the designers put a lot of thought into this trailer.

Roamer 1 Inside Whole Trailer

Let’s Start With The Bed

It’s a nice RV full. There is plenty of room to sleep on this bed and that isn’t all. The Mattress itself is one of the greats. You won’t destroy your back by sleeping on this mattress for a few nights, like some of the RV mattresses out there. In fact, You probably don’t even need a mattress topper! You may think it’s silly to be excited about not needing a mattress topper for a mattress, but most RV mattresses are not that great. They are hard, or just uncomfortable. So, it actually is a big deal.

Having an uncomfortable bed when you are out on a week long trip, or more, will put a damper on your adventuring. You will have low energy and be grumpy, from the lack of good sleep, which in turn will make you a bear to be around. No one enjoys spending time with grumpy people after all. On the other hand, when you get a good nights rest it enhances every part of your day. You will be in a better mood and have the energy you need to tackle everything in your path.

Roamer 1 Inside Bed

Now The Kitchen

Roamer 1 Inside Kitchen

This kitchen is spacious with an induction stovetop, a good sized sink and loads of storage. There is even a lot of counter pace to prepare your meals.

The induction stovetop is great because it is actually more energy efficient than your conventional stove top, letting you save that power for something else. True, you could go for a propane stove to save energy too, but propane isn’t clean fuel like the induction stove running off of electricity.

Roamer 1 Inside Stove

Regarding the sink, I just have to say wow. If you have ever owned an RV then you know that the sinks are often pitiful, not even big enough to put a full sized pan inside. This sink puts those others to shame. In fact, the ROAMER 1 sink is bigger than some sinks in an actual house! You won’t have any problems washing dishes or prepping food with this massive sink.

Roamer 1 Inside Sink

Wait, There’s A Second Kitchen!

When it comes to RVs typically you have to choose between an indoor kitchen and an outdoor kitchen, but that isn’t the case with the ROAMER 1. Yes, you heard me right. There are 2 kitchens on this camper!

Roamer 1 Outside Kitchen

The sink on this kitchen isn’t quite as deep as the one inside, but still bigger than you will find on many of your average trailers. What is really unique about this outdoor kitchen is the grill top in place of a stove. I wish people would do this more. You can easily cook any type of meat on this griddle. You want to do some burgers? No problem. A steak? Easy. This really was an innovative move on the designers’ part.

A Booth For The Whole Family

This booth is absolutely fantastic. First off, it can fit 2 adults and 2 kids without them sitting in each others laps. Even if you are really close as a family, and don’t mind having zero personal space, it’s still pretty hard to eat with someone sitting in your lap.

Roamer 1 Inside Booth

Another very unique thing about this booth is the extended seat cushions on the sides. Lots of booth seating makes you feel like you are going to fall off because the seating is so narrow, but that isn’t the case here. You don’t have to worry about falling off of these seats.

And of course, the booth folds down to become a bed. This let’s you have more sleeping space for the kids, if you don’t want to toss them out into a tent of course.

A Bathroom With Room

The Bathroom is splendid. We put a 6 foot, 200+ pound guy in here and he had all the room he needed to do his business. Not just that but there is actually quite a bit of space for all your toiletries and shower supplies. They really paid attention to details too. For example, when you close the door, it puts the toilet paper roll right at an easy to reach height just in front of you and to the right. Little details like that really shows you that they were thinking about the user.

Roamer 1 Inside Bathroom

Something else that is great about this bathroom is that it has a good sized shower. That’s a big deal, because in your average off road camper you don’t even have an indoor shower lots of the time, let alone one this size. Having a shower this big is just icing on the cake.

Roamer 1 Inside Shower

In fact, It passed the the soap test. (The soap test is seeing if you can bend over and pick up a bar of soap). The guy we had do the soap test was 6 feet tall, so you can be sure there is plenty of space in this shower. On top of the size of this shower, it even has a seat. It’s a good addition to be sure. For you ladies, you can sit down and shave your legs with ease. Even if you aren’t shaving or anything like that you can just take a load off and relax for a minute in the shower.

American Made

American Flag

One of the great things about the ROAMER 1 is that it is made right here in the US. There was a time when just about every good off road camper was coming out of places like Australia, but that season has passed. What’s the big deal you may ask? Well, there are a few actually.

First off, the wait time. When you order a trailer, or parts from another country there is no telling what could happen. For example, here at ROA OFF-ROAD we had some off road campers in transit for months. Not only did the shipping take a ridiculous amount of time, but when they reached customs, they were again delayed for an inordinate amount of time. It can be just a huge mess and headache. When you are in the US ordering something from the US, however, you don’t have those problems. The time it takes to be shipped is cut down dramatically and customs are not even involved like with products coming from another country. 

Another thing that is rather important is knowledge of the environment. In Australia they just don’t know what it’s like to be in Utah, Florida, or the cold of Alaska for example. With the ROAMER 1 being built right here in the US they have a better working knowledge of the conditions here and can use all the right parts in construction. You don’t have to worry about components not working well in the cold, or anything else like that. It gives you a lot of peace of mind.


The ROAMER 1 is going to raise the standard for trailers in the off-roading industry. It’s what you call a industry disrupter. If you want to live off grid or have the freedom to explore the roughest off-roading spots, then the ROAMER 1 is perfect for you. Freedom, comfort and adventure is all brought together in one place.

It’s a beautiful world, so get out there and see it!


Something Extra

There is so much more to be said about the ROAMER 1, so check it out!

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