What To Expect When Getting Your RV Serviced

What To Expect When Getting Your RV Serviced

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Now days we expect everything to happen right away. We have Amazon same day shipping, microwaves, doordash and tons of other convivences that have conditioned us to expect to get things the moment we decide we want them. Getting your RV serviced is a little different. Let’s talk about this a bit so you know what to expect both from the RV industry as a whole and from ROA OFF ROAD specifically.

The Norm

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When it comes to RV repairs, there are a lot of people that are pretty handy and they just do everything themselves. On the other hand, there are other people that are not so handy and they want to take it in to get serviced on the shop. I want to focus on the latter group.

When getting your RV serviced or fixed, don’t think of it like car repairs. When you take your vehicle in, you can quite often get it back the same week, or even the same day. On the other hand, when it comes to trailer repairs that is anything but the norm. In fact, taking your RV into the shop can turn into a waiting game over the course of weeks to months. It’s not at all out of the ordinary to take your camper in at the beginning of the summer and not get it back until fall.

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So, if you don’t have the parts and know how to fix it yourself, don’t expect a quick turn around. In the RV industry sometimes things take months. I don’t think that’s acceptable, but it is simply the reality.

When you buy a camper from a dealership and later you find a problem, it isn’t usually a quick fix. The normal protocol is that you call them up and they don’t give any support over the phone. They simply say: “when would you like to schedule an appointment to bring your trailer in and drop it off?” There is no trouble shooting or trying to help you on the phone. No. They just want it brought in even if it is something very simple that a little support could have fixed.

Out Of State/Out Of The Area

If your dealership is in a different state, or a long ways off for those of you outside of the U.S. it’s even worse. Dealers will rarely try to find somebody to help you in your area. Instead, you need to bring the trailer all the way to the dealership. Even if you were to have issues hundreds of miles away, that is still the sentiment.

So, when you finally do get it in to your dealer’s shop that is just the beginning. After waiting for your appointment, then you have to wait weeks or months for them to actually fix it.

The whole process of getting your trailer serviced, is such a huge headache and is one of the major reasons the RV industry has such a bad reputation.

What To Expect When Getting Serviced At ROA OFF RAOD

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Here at ROA OFF ROAD we want to change how things are done in the industry. Waiting several months for your trailer to be serviced is unacceptable. Sure, things do happen, like a part being out of stock or very rare, but those are uncommon exceptions. As a rule we want to get things done, and do it quickly. That  way you can enjoy your time out in nature.

Somebody just bought a camper from us recently and there was an issue right off the bat. That’s something you will out when buying an RV if you haven’t already. Manufacturers don’t always send a perfect product. That’s how it was in this case. Because they had just bought their new trailer it was even more of an important matter to get it serviced.

We stayed late, then we came in the next day and kept working on it until we were able to get it finished. Later, as they left the state, they found another issue and asked if they had to come all the way back to the shop to get it fixed. We told them that they didn’t need to make the trip again so soon. Instead, we found someone in their local area who could work on the trailer.

Not only will we do our best to cut down the turn around time of your trailer repairs, but we will work with you to get people in your area to help, if you live a long ways from our location. That’s something that most dealers will not do. They don’t go out of their way to make the after purchase experience a fantastic one like we are striving to do.

Added Over The Phone Support

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Another thing we do to help you with any issues that come up, is to give you a dedicated support tech line. They can talk you through the issues you may be having with the trailer and help you find solutions. The solutions at times may be very simple and you just needed a little expertise to know what to do. We have saved people countless trips to the shop, which means time and money. And when the problem may be a little more difficult they can work with you to get your RV into the shop, or work with a local technician in your area.

Our goal is to change the way things are done in the RV industry. We want to make having an RV something that you love, not something you dread because of all the problems with the after purchase experience.

When Problems Do Arise

Despite our best efforts here at ROA OFF ROAD, we are still a little bit beholden to the manufacturer. As a dealer we can’t just say: “yeah take it wherever you want and it will get fixed.” We have to go to the manufacturer and they have to approve those fixes. Unfortunately, sometimes the manufacturers won’t approve them right away. Sometimes they take days or weeks and some manufacturers take a lot longer, which is ridiculous and absurd. That’s one of the things that ROA is always trying to change.

We try to vet the manufacturers and find good ones. Ones that are responsive and stand behind their products and will get things fixed faster, but it is a process. Because of this, I have to let people know that we want the campers to be perfect, but we don’t manufacture the campers. We don’t build them, we sell them.

ROA OFF ROAD has actually dropped manufacturers in the past because their quality got so out of hand, or because their warranty wasn’t good. It’s true that we all make mistakes. We all fail and screw up here and there, but it’s what comes after that matters. If a manufacturer messes up, but tries harder to do better in the future we will stand by them. On the other hand, if they don’t then we aren’t willing to keep doing business with them. We only want to be with people who make the experience better for the people who buy RVs.

We’re In This Together

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Just remember that we want your trailer to be fixed as much as you do. We are actually on your side. So, when problems do arise just remember that. Getting upset with us because something doesn’t work is like getting upset at your spouse for something not working. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. You both want it fixed and are doing everything you can to make that happen, so why would you get mad at each other?

I always like to say “listen it’s you and I versus the problem. Whatever is wrong with the trailer, it’s us versus it. Don’t get mad at me, let’s get mad together at the trailer.” We really are on the same side. So please be kind, patient, and understanding. Not only will you get better and quicker service if you act that in a positive way, but you will avoid some possible future headaches too. Of course we would never be spiteful, that isn’t professional, but I can’t say that for every company.

Just think about it for a second. If someone was yelling and cursing you out because you weren’t doing something to their satisfaction, would that make you want to turn around and help them or do good service for them? Treating someone poorly is a recipe for a poor job in return and that isn’t something you want. Remember the old saying “You catch more bees with honey.” It’s as true today as when it was first used. A kind word and understanding attitude will get you much more than a harsh word or negative outlook.


The RV service industry really does need improvement, no doubt about it. That is exactly why ROA OFF ROAD is trying to change how things are done. We are on your side and do everything in our power to make the after purchase experience for you as easy as possible. So, work with us and we will work with you to make it as good as it can be. 

It’s a beautiful world, so get out there and see it!

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