Why Would You Buy The OBI Dweller 15 Camper?

Why Would You Buy The OBI Dweller 15 Camper?

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You may wonder “why would I want to buy the OBI Dweller 15 when there are so many other campers out there?” If so, then you deserve an answer! Buying a trailer is a big deal. It’s going to be so much more than just a box on wheels. Your camper is something that you are going to create memories in. It’s about experiences, not just a roof to keep your head dry in the rain. It only makes sense then that you would want one of the best trailers to make those memories with.

An off-road trailer:

The OBI Dweller 15 isn’t just any old camper. No. It is an off Road camper. The reason this is so crucial is that you aren’t confined to the campgrounds. Don’t get me wrong, neighbors can be nice here and there, but nothing beats the freedom an off road trailer affords you. You can go on the paths less traveled and find that perfect camping site! A place you can have all to yourself.

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The Bed!

Let me say one word. Bed. Making memories, good ones at least, is hard to do when you are exhausted or focused on your hurting back. If you have ever owned a camper before you will know that most trailer beds are quite frankly terrible. You will have to bring mountains of foam pads and toppers just to have a halfway decent sleep. Truly, a good nights rest enhances the entire camping experience. Here’s the thing with the OBI Dweller 15. The Bed is fantastic. I have a coworker who you could call a bed snob. When he took out the Dweller 15 to sleep in it he actually approved of the bed. He said it was the best trailer mattress he has ever slept on. He didn’t even have to add any foam toppers! This bed leaves all other camper beds in the dust.

Dweller Bed


Attention to detail:

They have a fantastic attention to detail. When you see a bolt, there are washers with the bolts. That may seem silly, but you may be surprised how many campers leave out little details like that. You will also notice that all the screws and bolts are straight. You don’t have some coming in at off angles. When you look at the compartment doors, you will notice little rubber stoppers to keep the doors from getting all scratched. Now take a look at the quaking and seals. They are all but perfect. Next take a look at the door. Unlike many imports from Australia, the door opens towards the front of the trailer. Why is that important? Imagine it comes open while you are driving. Because it opens to the right, the wind will just close it. Their attention to detail is is in a close of its own.


Built with quality:

This one his huge, huge, huge. OBI has made some fantastic choices when it comes to the high quality of the Dweller 15. Firstly is the construction materials. many trailers stick frames or wood in the walls. That isn’t the case here. The Dweller 15 welded aluminum. That is such a big deal. the strength is enhanced and you will never have to worry about the frame rotting away. Their high grade automotive paint is another thing OBI is personally proud of. The paint doesn’t peel and wear away like so many other trailers have the tendency of doing. A third aspect are the windows. They are polycarbonate dual pane windows. These windows are very strong. An average glass window would break many times over before one of these would shatter or crack.

Dweller Quality Quality 2

So much storage!

The storage space. I can not tell you how many times I have gone camping and wished for more storage space. At one point I was living in a trailer while my house was being built and I never had room for all the things I wanted to have in there. With the Dweller 15, there is so much storage space is almost ridiculous. Between the outside slide-out storage trays, the front nose compartment and the interior pantry you just know this trailer was designed for a family. It has enough room for the whole family to create memories together! 

Dweller Storage Storage 2

The Dweller 15 really is a fantastic trailer. There is so much that OBI did right, a lot more than could be said here. So, check it out in more detail!


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