Winterizing your Truma Combi

The Truma Combi’s water container must be drained to avoid damage whenever there is a risk of frost while your RV is not in use. After draining the water, the Combi furnace is protected against freezing conditions.

Step 1: Begin by turning off the Truma Combi and give the unit time to cool down. Place a vessel that’s at least 2.64 gallons (10 liters) underneath the drainage outlet of the drain valve, to catch the drained water. Make sure all of the water drains from the Combi.

Step 2: Use the main switch or pump switch to switch off the power to the water-pump.

Step 3: Turn off or disconnect the city water connection, if present.

Step 4: Open all water release points, e.g. cold and hot water faucets, showers, toilets. The unit should be placed in bypass in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 5: Flip yellow handle “up” to be in line with valve body to drain. The water container will drain via the drainage outlet of the drain valve. Leave the drain valve open for the winter season. Make sure all of the water drains from the Combi. If the water does not drain, check the clear tube for obstructions.

(Call Truma Service if your need assistance at 1-855-558-7862 ext. 1)