The Truth About 4 Season Winter Packages in RVs, Trailers, Campers and Which is the Best for 2022

The Truth About 4 Season Winter Packages in RVs, Trailers, Campers and Which is the Best for 2022

Extreme Thermal Package

Something that goes hand in hand with many RVs is the famed 4 seasons winter package. After all, you wouldn’t won’t to have your freedom limited by the elements right? There is a problem though, and you have likely run into it if you are searching for an RV. It seems like every manufacturer offers something unique: the ‘Polar Package’, ‘Arctic Wolf’, ‘4-Season Extreme Thermal Package’… the list goes on and on.

With so many options it can get a little confusing. You don’t want just any winter package, but the best one. It would be impossible to determine who makes the best RV winter package without clarifying a few things though. So, let’s do look into this.

First, some basics about winter packages:

In just about every state here in the USA there is a code and standard for insulation when building a home. When it comes to the RV industry, there is no standard or code for insulation, however, making it very difficult to know whether or not you have the best all seasons package.

Most packages have a couple things in common. They will enclose the underbelly with a corrugated plastic sheet, possibly toss in a thin slice of heat reflective material and hopefully have heated tanks. This would be considered a great 4 Season Winter Package.

Enclosed RV Underbelly (winter package)

–          –          –

Did you see the ‘extreme thermal package’ badge? Take a look at these pictures of the travel trailer with that badge.

This travel trailer didn’t even have heated tanks. I hope this helps explain my point. A shiny sticker and fancy name doesn’t mean a cold weather package is going to keep your trailer from freezing. You’ve got to inspect the RV and see for yourself.

Black Series Insulation

 Let’s inspect and review the insulation of a Black Series trailer (all the caravans are insulated the same- HQ19, HQ17, HQ15, C15, HQ12 and C12).

In early 2020 they started wrapping the lines which is a great improvement. Coming from Australia, they really haven’t had to worry too much about the cold. They are learning that here in the USA we camp in the cold! 😂

The windows are polycarbonate dual pane.

The Black series are a step up from the average travel trailer, but even the Black Series caravans are not built or suitable to be used in freezing temperatures.

There is a trade-off with everything. The Black Series are built with aluminum stud framing. There is no wood in the walls or ceiling. While this is MUCH superior to wood as far as quality and durability, it will not keep the cold out as well. Having an aluminum frame allows the cold to transfer inside quite easily.

The Best Trailer for Cold Weather and Winter Camping

In the end you need to inspect each trailer claiming a winter or 4 seasons package. Look at the underbelly and take a peek above the enclosure. Check out the windows to make sure they’re dual pane. See if the tanks have heated pads and if the sewer exit valve is enclosed or wrapped.

This is going to help in your search much more than giving a list of the current trailers and fifth wheels with the best ‘acclaimed’ winter package.

Can I get Winter packages for the Trailer I Already Have?

Whether you have an off road trailer like the Pause, a Patriot, a Conqueror, or even a fifth wheel, You don’t want to go out and buy a whole new trailer, just to be able to camp in the cold, right? That would just be a major bummer. While it’s true that not all campers can be equipped with a winter package, many of them can. Here at ROA OFF-ROAD we do all sorts of upgrades, including winter packages for our ROAMERS. If you want to know what a ROAMER is, or if your trailer can be upgraded with a winter package, then we would be happy to hear from you!

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