Unwrapping the Excellence of Palomino Pause Wraps

Palomino and Burlington Graphic Systems Team up to create the most beautiful Line of trailers on the Market

As Off-Road trailers become more popular in the RV industry, Palomino Pause sets a groundbreaking new standard. The Pause team is committed to delivering a product unlike any other in the world. And to be the best, you need to have the best. Their trailers showcase top-notch components from trusted brands like BattleBorn, Garmin, Victron, Truma, and MORryde. The XC16.4, XC20.2, XC20.3, and the XC21.4 are not only functional and innovative, they are the most beautiful trailers you can find on the highway and off-road! Instead of paint the Pause boasts premium Burlington Graphics Systems (BGS) wraps. ROA  met with a certified BGS installer to learn more about their wraps. Together they reviewed the craftsmanship, quality, and foresight that make Palomino Pause wraps the avant-garde choice for RV enthusiasts. Watch the video our meet with the BGS installer on YouTube!

Certification and Heritage

Ellen, the certified BGS installer, represented Burlington Graphics Systems—a company with a 30-year legacy. BGS supplies graphics for various sectors, and to each demonstrating their commitment to quality and innovation. In addition to some of the highest quality RV wraps on the market, BGS produces informational decals, floor designs, and autochrome 3-D badges. In additiont to the wraps, BGS produces the stylish Garmin 3D autochrome badging. Palomino Pause wraps, as the first production line wraps, mark a milestone in the evolution of RV customization. Such a high quality wrap on a trailer isn’t at all common place in the RV industry… yet! Ellen predicts that many other RV manufacturers will soon follow suit as the Pause gains popularity.

Palomino Pause BGS autochrome 3d badges

The Garmin logo featured on the Pause’s Autochromed 3-D badges

Q Lab Quv Accelerated Weathering Tester

Q-LAB QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester


BGS stands out as a leader in decal design and manufacturing, prioritizing precision and quality. They show their committment to continual improvement through practice. BGS performs accelerated weather testing in their onsite R&D labs to make sure that their products can hold up in the most strenuous conditions. They test their products using high-tech equipment like the Q-LAB QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester, which can simulate months or years of wear in just a few days! The Q-Lab QUV Tester does this by subjecting samples to cycles of UV light and spraying moisture at elevated temperatures. Their testing even conforms to a number of quality standards such AATCC, ASTM, and SAE. They don’t shy away from client scrutiny either! If you’re interested, they welcome on-site customer audits. BGS guarantees the durability and resilience of their products and exemplifies dedication to top-notch, reliable solutions in their field.

Learn more about their Quality Control Certification here!

Pausemoabwatermarked 423UV Guardians: Fading Becomes a Whisper

A UV clear coat protection adorned with UV ink on standard RV vinyl face stock fortifies the Palomino Pause. This double layer of UV defense not only shields against fading but also guarantees a vivid and enduring aesthetic. Pause officials estimate that after 5 years, a well-cared for Pause trailer will be indistinguishable from a newer unit!

Pause crafts each unit with durability in mind. Their wraps feature a clear coat similar to those in high-end car wraps —but they take it up a notch. Not only do they look good, they have self-healing properties. WHAT? Typically, the vehicle of an overlander is easy to identify. Among other things like a beefy suspension, you’ll what we like to call “racing stripes”. Racing stripes are long, thin scratches that can span the length of the vehicle—a badge of honor for some. Thanks to the wraps’ self-healing abilities, a trained technician can erase most racing stripes and minor scratches! BGS sets a new standard with their wraps’ resilience and ability to maintain a flawless appearance after use and abuse!

Pioneering Trends: A Glimpse into the Future

Palomino Pause is, in our humble opinion, the most innovative company in the RV Industry right now. From their revolutionary Garmine One Technology to the BGS wraps they are not just rocking RV industry “boat”, they’re bent on capsizing it. Innovations like these demand a change in the way things have always been done in the RV industry. Wraps are one example, but who knows? We hope that wraps becoming a sought-after choice is just a start. Read this article on a new structural composite rising in the industry. For now, as the first production line wraps, they set the stage for a new era of RV personalization, where every journey is a canvas for individual expression.

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