Xplore X22 & XR22 Off Road and Off Grid Trailer- Everything you need to know

Whether you are looking into purchasing an Xplore X22 or XR22, or maybe you already own one, this post will cover all the fundamentals of the trailer.


The frame is extremely unique. If you look at any travel trailer, you will notice the body actually extends past the frame about 12 inches. The walls are not secured by the frame, but by gussets attached to the frame. This design greatly increases the risk of body damage ( especially in an off-road scenario) and increases stress on the body over time. With the perimeter frame that Imperial Outdoors builds the Xplore on, the body of the trailer does not extends past the frame, but is built right on top of it. Just like a house is built right on the foundation, not a foot past it!

With the perimeter frame you will have the peace of mind that your frame is the outer most edge, standing strong to protect your trailer. We get into some tricky spots when we go camping, probably more often that we should, so the perimeter frame on the Xplore has been a game changer. This also becomes very useful in the event of a flat tire. Instead of having to jack from the axle using a bottle jack, you can use the handy Hi-Lift that the Xplore is equipped with to jack the trailer from the frame.

For more details on the frame construction watch our video with the owner of Imperial Outdoors


The Xplore is not built with regular fiberglass that you see on most travel trailers. It is constructed with Crane Noble hung fiberglass. Most fiberglass on a trailer is about the thickness of a credit card, and is actually a plastic infused fiberglass. The Crane Noble fiberglass used for the Xplore trailers is about 3x as thick as regular RV fiberglass. The only thing we’ve seen with this quality of fiberglass is a million dollar RV coach.

The green color of the Xplore X22 & XR22 is not painted on, but it’s actually mixed into the fiberglass meaning that it will not fade or peel off. If you scratch the fiberglass you can buff it out and make it look brand new!

Here’s a quick video that goes more in depth on the fiberglass


You hear all the time that a trailer is ‘4 season’ or has a so called ‘thermal package’. We have seen every travel trailer, fifth wheel and motor home out there. We can honestly say that nothing comes close to the insulation and extreme weather capabilities of the Xplore trailers.

The roof is 6.5″ thick and the walls are 3.5″ thick! Most trailer will have a 2″ thick roof and 1″ thick walls. Imperial Outdoors started out making fish houses for ice fishermen in northern Wisconsin. Building a trailer that could withstand sub zero temps was not just a nice feature, it was an absolute must.

No water pipes or tanks are exposed or even hang below the frame. They are all heated from the furnace and tucked in nice and tight with an insulated enclosure. The walls and ceiling have a vapor barrier to act as a thermal breakage. This makes the Xplore extremely easy to keep warm in the winter, as well as cool in the summer.

For more awesome details on the insulation of the Xplore X22 & XR22, Shane discussed it thoroughly in the full X22 walkthrough video. Watch the whole thing and pay special attention from minutes 21-27 when he discusses insulation.

Most Common Upgrades for the X22 & XR22

Everyone has a different plan for how they will use their trailer. Some are full-timers and others are weekend warriors. If you want something not listed here, just ask if we can get it done for you. 

Auxiliary 30 gallon water tank

Electronic sway control system

Backup Camera

Smart A/C unit with heat pump and dehumidifier 

Extra solar

Rooftop tent reorientation

Shower Curtain replacement for enclosure

30 lb propane tanks

Xplore X22 & XR22 Standard Specifications

Overall Length (including spare tires)23 ft 4 in
Overall Width (including fenders)93in
Overall Height (on-road height / off-road height)112 in / 120 in
Unit Weight5370 lbs
Max Trailer Capacity (GVWR)8820 lbs
Tongue Weight425 lbs
Cargo Capacity3450 lbs
Axle Weight Rating5000 lbs
Tire Size33×10.5 R15
Interior Height (floor-to-ceiling)76 in
Interior Width (wall-to-wall)78 in
Fresh Tank Capacity30 Gal
Grey Tank Capacity30 Gal
Refrigerator Capacity10 cu ft
LP Tank Capacity(2x) 20 lb
Furnace18,000 BTU
Air Conditioner13,500 BTU
Battery Capacity100 Ah Lithium (x2)
Solar Output200 W
Ground Clearance (on-road)12 in
Ground Clearance (off-road)20 in
Sleeping Capacity3-4
Rooftop Tent85x60x9 (closed) 118 lbs
Frame Material1/4” Closed Tube Steel
Frame CoatingPowder Coat w/e-coat Primer

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