What’s the best full size off-road camper trailer for 2021?

For the past six years I’ve spent a lot of time inside campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels and even motorhomes. Not just inside them; but underneath, on top and everywhere in between.

If you’re familiar with the trailer industry you are well aware of the poor standards in quality and durability. The RV industry motto seems to be “stack ’em deep and sell ’em cheap”.

Over the years I’ve become very disappointed and quite frustrated with the poor quality the trailer industry presents.


the distinguished brand of American made quality travel trailers. But have you ever taken an Airstream off-road? They simply aren’t built for it. They are pavement princesses, not off-road kings.

For many of us we want to venture off the paved road and past the crowds at RV parks and campgrounds. This will be very challenging in any traditional travel trailer, even a well built one like an Airstream or Oliver.

Airstream quality meets Jeep off-road capability

Here’s a list of the best hard sided off-road kings available here in America. I will only mention hard sided units. With everything there is a trade-off. I will list the Pros and Cons of each unit.

*New 2021 TAXA Overland Editions off-road trailers

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TAXA is relatively new to the trailer industry. They’ve been building their habitats for the past 5 years out of Houston TX. The Cricket Overland is a fun lightweight trailer capable of moderate off-road terrain. They just announced this year the new Mantis and Tiger Moth Overland editions.

The pro for the 2021 TAXA Overland editions is primarily how lightweight they are. They can be towed with small SUVs. The kids berth is an awesome choice for those parents with young kids.

The con for the new 2021 Taxa Overland editions is the canvas. You will lose a lot of heat through the canvas, so for those who often camp in cold weather you will have a tough time keeping your TAXA habitat warm. They also don’t have a real bathroom or cabinetry. All of these are what helps it remain lightweight! A classic trade-off you deal with when going light.

Check out our video of the new 2021 Taxa Mantis. This is not the Overland edition, however most of the specs are the same. Make sure to subscribe and hit the bell to get notified when we release the Overland edition!

For more details on the new 2021 Taxa Mantis Cricket Tiger Moth Overland Edition habitats off-road trailer, please click on this link to our website- RVsofAmerica.com

*New 2021 Xplore XR22 off-road trailer

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Conceived on a frozen lake in the Northern United States, you will find this beast roaming where traditional RVs and travel trailers wouldn’t dream of going!

Built to EXCEED the boundaries of a traditional trailer camper, XploreRV off-road trailer is an all-weather, all-terrain home away from everything. Need to go where it gets below freezing? How about 40°F below zero! The fact is there’s not a trailer in America as capable as this when it comes to cold weather!

XploreRV is built by Imperial Outdoors. They’ve been building high quality ice fishing trailers for over a decade. These ice trailers are built to be used on rugged icy roads and get drug over ridges and snowbanks to find the best fishing spots. This is not their first off-road or off-grid trailer.

Bunk sleeps two, folding dinette sleeps two, plus with the rooftop tent you can sleep another two comfortably! The back hatch comes down with plenty of room to haul four wheelers and dirt bikes, but not large enough for side by sides.

The pro for the 2021 Xplore RV is pretty obvious. -40 below zero! Also the optional rooftop tent is great. The hydraulic lift is amazing for on-road and off-road adjustability. Being able to fit toys in the back is perfect for the adrenaline junkies with dirt bikes, 4 wheelers or mountain bikes.

The con for the 2021 Xplore RV would be the table! The table is portable and folds down for easy storage and transport. This is necessary to use the back area as a toy hauler, but personally I love to have a stable and more permanent table. The bathroom could also use some more space by the toilet.

Check out this mini tour of the new 2021 Xplore XR22 Toy Hauler off-road trailer

This second video is an awesome off-road test of the new 2021 Xplore XR22 off road camper trailer. Check it out!

For more details on the new 2021 Xplore XR22 off-road trailer, please click on this link to our website- RVsofAmerica.com


There is no such thing as a perfect off-road RV trailer. Everybody has a different need and situation. It’s very important to consider the trade-offs of each model to get an educated idea of which will meet your needs. If you have any questions at all visit our website RVsofAmerica.com

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