The Truth about 4 Season Packages in RVs, Trailers, Campers and which is the best for 2021.

If you’ve been searching for an RV ( mainly fifth wheels and travel trailers ) you’ll be very familiar, and possibly confused, with the various weather packages. Every manufacturer offers something unique – the ‘Polar Package’, ‘Arctic Wolf’, 4-Season ‘Extreme Thermal Package’.. the list goes on and on. It would be impossible to determine who[…]

Every Superman Has A Kryptonite….

Black Series Campers are not perfect! Every Superman has a Kryptonite… At RVs of America we take things that are great and make them better! ____________________________________________________________ Poor underbelly insulation ❄️ For those of us who adventure into the cold, we wanna stay warm! Not to mention the water in the pipes! 🙂 Hard to hook up hitch[…]

Off The Grid: The Ultimate Guide to Dry Camping

Inverters, Generators, Solar Panels, and More When you hear talk among avid RVers of “dry camping” or “boondocking”, They’re talking about camping without the water and power hookups you get at KOA-style campgrounds (in other words, “roughin’ it”!). This is what it’s all about; this is what a self-enclosed unit was built for–and this is[…]