2024 Tribe Expedition 500


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Tribe Expedition 500

Brand New never before seen Tribe Expedition 500! Unique hard-sided pop-up gives you a low profile while towing and plenty of space when at camp, without having to deal with canvas. Independent airbag suspension! Many more details to come! Right now the build time is around 6 months. Call or text for info!

2023 Tribe Expedition 500


Store Everything

The Tribe EX500 comes with ample storage solutions, inside and out of the trailer. It also has 2 pass through storage areas so you can access things from inside your trailer, as well as outside.

Unique Hard Wall Pop Up

The Tribe fits in your garage, without compromising on comfort. It is over 6 feet on the inside, and is comfortable for standing, showering, and keeps you protected from the elements.

Luxury Outside Kitchen

A large, and capable kitchen so you can cook all your favorite meals while camping in your favorite places.

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