Can You Live Full Time In An RV?

Can You Live Full Time In An RV?

To answer the question of the title, let me say one word. Yes. Okay we are done, you don’t need to read anymore. Just kidding. The answer may be yes, but there is actually a lot to consider beyond the simple fact of whether you can or not. Of course you can, but the real question you should be asking is should I live full time in an RV?

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So, if you are thinking about selling the house and living in your RV full time, there are some things to take into consideration first, because it definitely isn’t for everyone. Why don’t we take a look at some of the things to consider before you give away the keys to your house, then finish up with a few of the benefits of doing so.


Living Space

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The first thing to take into account is your living space. If it is only you or possibly you and one other person, then you can probably pull it off. Even in the case of two people you do need make sure you can get along in a confined space. Even in the biggest of RVs you can’t get more than 30 to 40 feet away from each other. You are going to be seeing a lot of each other.

I can remember when I was younger my family, which at the time was four plus a cat, had to stay in a trailer park while our house was getting built. Our trailer was only about 25 feet long. My parents had their bedroom, which was more or less just their bed with a little walking space around it. Me and my brother slept one on the table bed and the other on the couch bed. To make things even more cramped, the cat felt like she deserved part of my sleeping space too. The nerve.

It was very tight to say the least. If one person was awake, everyone would have to wake up. Privacy was nothing more than a nice idea, not reality. Whenever we weren’t staying at a friend’s, me and my brother were always at each others throats, because we could literally not get away from each other.

So, consider what it will be like to live in close quarters together, particularly if you have kids.

Storage Space

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This is another big one. If you have a house with a few bed rooms and is 2000 square feet or bigger, then you are likely going to own a few things here and there. For some of us, we own more than just a few things in fact. That 30 foot trailer may look pretty big, but 300 square feet is a far cry from what you had before. Even in a small house you will have much more room than any of the travel trailers you are going to find.

If you are thinking about throwing away those house keys for a set of RV keys, then you have a problem. You are going to have to figure out what stuff to throw away or give away. All of your stuff simply is not going to fit. At that point you will have the choice between permanently renting a storage unit, have relatives hold your stuff, or toss a lot of things that you don’t strictly need.

Some of us don’t need a lot and this isn’t a big deal, but for others of us, we like our stuff. We like having the option of using those things if we desire. The storage space is undoubtedly something you will need to consider when you want to full time in an RV


This is an important one. Your trailer is constantly going through a small earth quake and a big earthquake if you are off-roading. Things are bound to break here and there, it is simply inevitable. A RV is more or less a house on wheels and when an earthquake hits a normal house, there are almost always problems, right? Of course camping trailers were built with this fact in mind, but they still aren’t perfect. That’s why they come with a warranty after all.

Because the warranty is such an important part of the trailer, you will definitely want to take note of what I say next. Whether you have an off road trailer or a travel trailer for the paved roads, warranty has been recently clarified by RVIA.

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If you look at the labels on new trailers, they have added clarifying words to it. It is stated that RVs are recreational vehicles that are for temporary use or seasonal use. They very specifically didn’t say that they are meant for full time living. Let me tell you the reason that is so important. Most trailers come with a 1 year warranty or something similar. Because they expect that something will break here or there. But the manufacturer will often void your warranty if it is known that you are living in your camper full time. There have even been some law suits recently over this and the manufactures were the ones who won. The reason being that RVs aren’t houses and when they are used as one, it goes against what the trailer was warrantied for.

So, as I said, this is very much something that you should be aware of before you start living in an RV full time. You may even want to do some additional research on it in addition to what I have said here.

Still Want To Live In An RV?

If you haven’t been scared off yet, then you really must want to live in your camper. Since that is the case, let’s talk about some of the great things about full time living in an RV. These things are likely why you want to live in an RV after all.


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The freedom to go where you want when you want, is one of the greatest draws of full time RV living. If you don’t like the cold, you can chase the warm weather all year round. You will never have to worry about getting stuck in a blizzard again. The opposite is true as well. If you can’t get enough of skiing and igloos you can chase the cool weather too!

Maybe there are places you have always wanted to see, but you just never felt like you had the time or money to fly around the country and then fly back home. With your trailer in hand, you never have to make the return trip. Unless you want to of course. Not only that but when you stop to see the sights, you will always have a base camp. You don’t have to worry about finding a place to stay, or not having all your amenities.

Even when you want to go into the back country on the rugged trails, it is completely possible. If you have an off road camper like a ROAMER 1 or a Bruder, then you can not only do it, but do it in comfort. It’s as if you are bringing your very own cabin on the trip. No more tents, you can sleep on a bed and have a toilet too!

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Freedom is something we all desire and if you are a full time RVer, then you are able to experience more of it.


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When you live in a RV full time, you get a very unique opportunity. In most of our daily lives we don’t spend a whole lot of quality time with our family. Even if we are in the same house, we aren’t together as often as we could be. With the smaller space, you have the chance to really get to know those you call your family. You will get to spend time laughing and playing together. You will get to spend time working and achieving together. And you will get to grow closer together as a family.

If you have ever felt out of touch with your family, then living in a camper may just be the solution.


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When you become start living in an RV, you are adopted into a community. It’s similar to when you buy a Jeep or a motorcycle. There are certain things that when you own them, you become part of a movement or a community. This community is something special too. People who are spending a lot of time in a trailer are fun and adventure lovers. They often enjoy spending time with others and disconnecting from all the tech. They are just a great bunch of people. By simply living in an RV you have a place to belong with a great bunch of people.

Cost Of Living

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Let me mention one more good point. Money. The price of living in an RV is just pocket change in comparison to living in a house. That is unless you get one of the million dollar motorhomes. In that case you can slash the price of living off the list. Because it would no longer be a benefit. But as a general rule you are going to save money living in an RV.


There are definitely things to take into account when living in an RV because it’s not for everyone. Still, being a full time RVer can be something truly special. Freedom is one of the many things that will follow such a decision. Don’t make this choice lightly though, do some research, then jump in full heartedly if you decide it’s for you.

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