DIY RV Awning

Almost every RV has an awning of some sort from Class A diesel pushers to the smallest of bumper pulls. The nicer ones extend and retract with the push of a switch and the simpler ones just pull out. This article is aimed at showing how to replace the simple ones that pull out and operate with the up and down cam locker.

Here at RV’s of America where we specialize in consigning on used Rv’s, we see plenty of worn and tattered awnings. These awnings are in desperate need of replacement. So at the approval of the owner we replace them.

The last awning that I replaced I took picture to help show the ease that is this project. First we need to get the awning assembly off of the RV. At the bottom of the legs you can lift a tab that will slide out the bottom portion and then you can pull it off so that it hangs down and is only connected by the fabric at the top. This is where we need to undo the two screws at the top of the remaining let portion still attached to the RV. Once that has been pulled off you can now (with one or two peoples help) slide the plastic cord out and the whole awning should now be laying on the ground.

Now that we have the awning laying on the ground in front of us, it’s time to take it all apart!

Now a crescent wrench can remove this bolt, on the side that has the cam locker that switches from roll up to roll down, the spring is held. On the other side there isn’t that locker so you’ll need to clamp vise grips on to the rod that extends out to the bracket to hold it in place as you remove the bolt. There will be tension on the spring in side so slowly unwind it.

Now you’ll need a drill and drill bit to drill out these rivets so that you can pull this spring cover off to slide out the awning fabric. Before being able to pull out the spring cover it is best to mark on the cover and the awning tubing so that it can be put back in the same place at the end of this process.

Now that all the rivets are drilled out and there is no tension on the spring grab the top bracket and pull the spring out.

After removing the spring cover on both sides you can now slide the old fabric off the awning tube. Once you have, slide the new fabric on the same way the old came off.

Now it’s time to put the springs back into the tubing. Making sure to match the markings we made earlier. Now new rivets need to be placed in and using vise grips turn the spring the number of turns determined by the manual given with you new fabric. As longer awning require more tension to pull it farther.

Once the tension has been added to the spring the legs can be bolted back to to the spring cover bracket. This is where you will need the help of one or two more people again. I found it best to have one person on the roof while the other to walk holding either leg. The person on the roof slides the fabric through up to the end. Grab the leg portion that sits at the top of the RV screw it back in up top.

Now it’s just reversing the things you did to remove the awning and legs. slide the legs back on and pop them back on to the tab at the bottom. This process is simple and could almost be done with out a guide but hopefully this one helped!