Easy DIY RV Shoe Rack

Have you ever walked into your RV and tripped over the pile of shoes laying on the floor? Many RVs have a limited entry space and lack an area to store you shoes luckily after scowering the internet for something to help remedy this issue I came across this PVC post idea.


This Easy DIY will not only help tidy up your RV but will potentially save you from unwanted visits to the emergency room.

Tools & Materials Needed:

  1. Hacksaw
  2. Measuring Tape
  3. PVC pipe 3/4″
  4. PVC 4 way connector for center 3/4″
  5. PVC 3/4″ end caps
  6. PVC cement
  7. Paint

Step 1: using a hacksaw or hand saw cut and measure 4 equal lengths of 3/4″ PVC pipe or whatever size you feel necessary and attach a “T” connector to the bottom of each and an end cap to the top. I cut (4)- 1 foot lengths because of my shoe size but it can vary depending on your needs.

Step 2: After assembling the pieces of pipe on the “T” fittings, lay out a “T” fitting for each end of the shoe rack. You can also place the 4 way fitting in the center of the shoe rack which will help hold the rack upright. Laying them out will help determine how long you want the middle pieces of pipe to be that connect to each piece.

Step 3: Measure and Cut pieces of pipe to join each of the ” T’s ” that will connect each piece. Dry fit all the pieces together. After you are satisfied with the look use PVC cement to fuse the pieces of PVC together so that they will not move or rotate.

Step 4: Paint using an indoor/outdoor paint that will adhere to the PVC and let dryer. Make sure that area is well ventilated or that you are using a respirator mask.

Step 5: Place shoe rack near RV entrance/exit in a convenient location and enjoy!!!