How to Drain an RV Water Heater! A Must do!

How to Drain an RV Water Heater! A Must do!

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What everyone needs to know about their RV water heater! Especially for new RVers! This must know tip will keep you on the road and your water flowing nice and fresh.

Here at ROA OFF-ROAD we have been in business for many years, and one of the main things we fix every year during the spring is water heaters. There is a simple, yet huge mistake that newbies often make. The result is that they have to replace their water heater and spend a big chunk of cash doing so. If you don’t want to be one of them, then you are going to want to read this.

Draining the Tank

I want to emphasize the importance of draining your water heater and would recommend you draining it every time you’re done camping, unless you are planning another trip in less than two weeks. I would also empty your fresh water tanks as well. If you let the water sit in the hot water heater tank or the fresh water tank for too long it will start to stink and not just a little bit. The hot water heater tank will smell especially bad because of the hot water, it will start to smell like sulfur. If you have ever been to a hot spring then you will know the smell.

If you get into a good habit of draining your tanks when the fall comes it will be as easy as one, two, and three to drain and get your RV winterized.

The Cost of Forgetting or Just not Knowing

Now for the sad but true story that happened to one of our customers. This guy went out and bought an RV last year from some dealer. Not us. He used his trailer all last summer for some fun camping trips. Sadly, he wasn’t told to drain his water tanks or even winterize his unit.

This spring he decided to hook up his RV and get it ready for camping. He hooked up the water and noticed some leaks, so he brought it to us to check it out for him. We found that almost every tank he had in his RV was leaking! Even his water lines where leaking. To make a long story short, he is now ready to go back camping this summer. Unfortunately, it all came at a price and after having to spend $8,000.00 to get it all leak free he will now forever remember to drain and winterize his RV.

I hope that you will not have to personally learn the same lesson and will either winterize your unit or take it into your local dealer. For some local dealers check out the link below:

Cut out the Headaches

So, if you want to save some major headaches and money get into the habit of draining your tanks, especially when cold whether is on the horizon.

Check out the video below so you can see how to drain your average water heater. That way you will never have to replace it.


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