Lithium Battery Configuration for the Rengogy PCL Series Inverter Charger

Lithium Battery Configuration for the Rengogy PCL Series Inverter Charger

Renogy 2000W PCL Series Inverter Charger

The Renogy PCL Series Inverter Charger is a reliable piece of equipment that allows you to both charge your batteries from generator or shore power and power your 110V appliances while you’re Off-Grid! It’s a perfect companion!

These instructions are specifically for Lithium batteries that require a Float Charge of 13.8V and Bulk Charge at 14.4V. Consult your battery manufacturer for the specific voltage your batteries need to charge at. 


1) Give a long press to the button on the far right in order to access the settings/parameters.
2) Navigate to program ’05’ using the arrows in the middle, hit the circle button on the left to select it. This allows you to change settings. Make sure it’s set to B-0. This is for a custom battery
3) Next Navigate to program ’94’. make sure it’s set to ‘OtP’. We’re setting it to this settings so that we can customize the Bulk and Float Voltages.
4) Navigate to program ’27 to configure the Float charge of the lithium battery. For Lion, Battleborn, and Expion batteries set the Float Voltage to 13.8 or 13.9V.
5) Navigate to program ’26’ to configure the Bulk charge of the battery. This will be 14.4V.
6) Turn your Renogy Inverter Charger off and disconnect shore power for a few moments.
7) Reconnect power and power up inverter.
8) Monitor the Battery voltage to make sure that the inverter is charging the batteries just like you want. Keep in mind that once the inverter starts charging the batteries, the voltage will climb slowly and should get up above 14.2V for bulk charging. Once the batteries are fully charged, you’ll see them sitting around 13.8 or 13.7V

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