Lithium Battery Options


Why you should consider Lithium:

  • Lithium batteries can deliver more power at equal rated capacity in terms of output as well as capacity
  • As little as half the weight of a lead acid battery. 
  • Lithium batteries have incredibly long lifespans which makes them less expensive per charge cycle (a full discharge) compared to lead acid batteries. 
  • Lithium batteries can charge and discharge a higher amount of power than lead acid batteries

What you should be aware of: 

  • Lithium batteries can cost up to 3x more than lead acid. 
  • Lithium batteries cannot accept a charge once their internal temperature reaches 32F or below. Typically this isn’t a problem since your batteries will stay warm while you are using your trailer.
  • Everyone will be jealous.


Below are a few of the different types of the lithium battery options that we have available. Keep in mind that you’ll want to speak with a Service Coach about your final decision on the batteries.


Option #1: Lion Energy Batteries:

Lion Energy RV Batteries

  • Lion Energy RV Batteries App
  • Lion Energy RV Batteries

Lion Energy UT 1300 BT

$900 per battery


3500+ cycles

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Headquarters: Utah, USA

These batteries are fantastic! They are lightweight and pack a huge punch for their small size!

Ideal for trailers without a battery monitor. These batteries are Bluetooth enabled and come with a free app that will allow you to see your battery bank percentage, time until empty, and net power flow!

They are also equipped with a Battery Monitoring System that protects them from overcharging, short-circuit and other adverse conditions.

Where will it fit?* 

For more battery specs click Here!

Option #2 Battleborn batteries

Battleborn RV batteries
  • Battleborn RV batteries
  • Battleborn RV batteries
  • Battleborn RV batteries

Battleborn LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

$950-1050 per battery 


3000-5000 Cycles

10 year Warranty

Headquarters Nevada, USA

Battleborn is one of the most trusted battery manufacturers in both the RV and Marine industries. They pack a lot of power and are extremely reliable.

While the failure rate for any of our batteries (Lithium especially) is extremely low, the failure of a Battleborn battery hasn’t been seen yet by the ROA tech support team.

They come with a Battery Management System, a variety of different terminal configurations and a heating option

Where will it fit?*

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Option #3: Expion360 Batteries:

  • Expion360 RV Batteries
  • Expion360 RV Batteries
  • Expion360 RV Batteries
  • Expion360 RV Batteries

Expion G27 120Ah Extreme Density Battery

$1098-4750 per battery 


3500+ Cycles

12 Year Warranty

Headquarters: Oregon, USA

Expion is also a widely trusted and reputable battery. They have a variety of batteries from a 100Ah to one of the largest capacity batteries on the market that are featured in the ROAMER 1 (Hence the price range)!

Expion has a fantastic customer service team that is easy to reach over the phone during normal business hours.

Expion batteries come with a Battery Management System that protects it from harsh conditions. 

Expion sells a thermostat regulated heated battery jacket to protect them from the cold!

Where does it fit?*

  • Most Trailers
  • X22/XR22

For more battery specs click Here!

Option #4: Dakota Lithium Batteries:

Dakota Lithium RV Battery
  • Dakota Lithium RV Battery
  • Dakota Lithium RV Battery




2000+ cycles

11 Year Warranty

Headquarters: North Dakota, USA

Dakota Lithium batteries are a fantastic affordable option. They are every bit as reliable with a host of different UL certifications and up to $100 cheaper. The one downside of these batteries is that they have a slightly shorter lifespan (measured in charge cycles) when compared to Battleborn and Expion batteries)

Dakota batteries are also equipped with a BMS that protects them from short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage and high temperatures. The BMS doesn’t protect from low temperatures. This means that charging them when their internal temps are at freezing or below may cause damage

Where will they fit?*


*Make sure to speak to a Service Coach about the upgrades you’re looking for!!!