Our Top 5 Favorites on the X195 by Imperial Outdoors

Our Favorite Features on the X195 by Imperial Outdoors:

X195 & X195 Outside

When it comes to travel trailers, Imperial Outdoors’ X195 stands out for its exceptional features and superior qualities. From towability to cutting-edge appliances, the X195 is a testament to innovation and thoughtful design. Join us as we explore the top five things that have captured our hearts about this camper.


1. X195 Towability: Redefining Road Comfort

The X195 redefines towing, earning acclaim as the best in its class. Shane, (CEO of ROA Off-Road), who has over 100K miles of trailer towing experience, asserts that the it’s the best towing trailer EVER. The X195 is comfortably towed by a 1500 truck while other travel trailers in its class require a 2500 to be towed safely. It tows so well thanks to the engineering, balancing, and design by Imperial Outdoors and it’s premier suspension by CruiseMaster. X195 Outside

2. CruiseMaster Suspension: Unmatched Reliability

The X195 has Dual Independent ATX Suspension engineered by the Australian giant, CruiseMaster. If that didn’t make any sense to you, don’t worry, we’ll touch more on suspension in an upcoming article that explains what earns a trailer the accolade of being “Off-Road, Off-Grid”.  The CruiseMaster ATX Suspension is the premier All-Terrain, Independent Arm Suspension System produced by CruiseMaster. Not only is the ATX the best suspension system that CruiseMaster has to offer, but on the X195, it’s upgraded to the MAX!

Imperial Outdoors has outfitted the suspension with a custom Air-Control Kit by AirBag Man and FireStone. Airbag Man is one of the biggest names in Australian air-assisted suspension systems and Firestone produces some of the toughest airbags out there. The kit comes with an onboard aircompressor, 11 Liter air tank, and a remote that allows you to operate the air system from your tow vehicle. The air kit allows you to raise or lower the X195 with the touch of a fob! Leveling out your trailer is as easy as pressing a button. If you need more clearance to conquer an obstacle, its just one button click away! Imperial Outdoors has made it robust, tough and easy to use. They’ve outdone themselves with the suspension on the X195!

3. Exterior Design:  Elegance on Wheels

Imperial Outdoors Xplore X195 xphotshop scaledWith a sleek, beautiful, and classy exterior, the X195 stands out on the road. The unique features and stylish decal designed by Imperial Outdoors do a rewrite on trailer aesthetics. Past IO designs possessed their own beautiful and unique aesthetic, but they really are pushing the envelope with this one. The X195 is available in a beautiful sand or forest green colors (Grey is reserved for the ROAMER 1). We love that this trailer doesn’t sacrifice utility for beauty. This trailer checks both boxes: utility and functionality! No compromise!

X195 FunctionalityThe X195 comes with universal accessory mounts that allow you to mix and match the accessories so you can alter your setup to match the adventure! Accessory options include a Spare Tire Carrier, Jerry Can Mount, Rear Utility Box and Accessory Grids. By the way, a 2200W Honda Generator fits perfectly into the Rear Utility Box. Now this isn’t an infomertial….”But Wait! THERE’S MORE!”. The exterior extrusions are designed with T-Track Mounts. Get creative! Mount a clothes line, Hi-Lift Jack, tools — the limits of functionality are up to you!


4. Solar Array: Powering Adventures with the Sun

The integrated solar array generates an impressive 1240 watts of solar power. Elevated panels maximize efficiency and airflow for off-grid adventures without power compromises. It isn’t just about looks and comfort; the X195 is a pioneer in sustainable energy. IO teamed up with GoPower, specialists in Mobile Solar Power to create something truly unique. With careful power use and good sun, you can kiss power stations good-bye! During peak hours users can observe more than 30 Amps coming from the 11 high-quality solar panels, empowering thrifty energy users to be able to stay Off-Grid almost perpetually.

X195 Roof

5. X195 Appliances: Luxurious and Practical

Step inside the X195 to experience luxury and functionality. The best of Isotherm, Truma, GoPower, Expion, Overland Vehicle Systems, CruiseMaster, Hydrastar, Maxxis, and Dometic (to name a few) bolster the overall quality and functionality of the trailer. Honestly, there is just too much to talk about. The components installed in the trailer are some of the best in their respective genres. The 12V CR195 IsoTherm Fridge/Freezer is most often used in higher-end marine applications. The IsoTherm fridge balances cooling power and efficiency perfectly to keep your food cool. It’s incredibly spacious as well.

There is just too much good to say about the components in this luxury camper. The bottom line is that the components in the trailer take something great and make it more user-friendly, robust and just plain awesome. We could go on all day about this trailer… and we will if you call us at 801-860-0035. Talk to one of our helpful Sales Coaches!

X195 Interior

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