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MDC Forte 9

In stock in SC! The Offroad Compact You’ve Been Waiting For!

Comes with full awning wall kit, portable toilet, 525 watts of solar, 200 amps of lithium battery (can be upgraded to 460 amps if interested), 2000 watt inverter, two 20lb propane tanks, DO35 articulating hitch, X-Track suspension with coil and dual shocks, backup camera, full size spare tire, and other goodies! 45,500 price includes freight from out west, doc fee, and temp tag!

Lighter and more compact than any previous MDC model, the fully offroad Forte 9+ is here for those that want a quality compact offroad travel trailer but don’t want a full size 4WD. At just over 3090lbs dry weight the Forte 9+ can be towed by many full size sedans and SUV’s making it the right choice for more people than ever. A generous payload means taking your comfort items with you to glamp it up or all those essentials for adventure throughout the American outdoors. Fast setup, privacy and all the features you expect along with the MDC DNA of tough construction for the worst the States outback can throw at you. If you didn’t think you could tow an offroad trailer or have room to store one, now is the time to talk to the MDC staff at your nearest dealer and find out if the Forte 9+ is your future to getting away.

TONGUE WEIGHT- 317 lbs GVWR- 4409 lbs CURB WEIGHT- 3090 lbs


Starting with a 6″ thick comfy double mattress, this hybrid is designed for comfort and ease of use. The built in hot water system and diesel heater along with seating and table keep the creature comforts coming. We understand that storage is important and the Forte 9+ won’t leave you short. LED lighting, several 12V charging ports and reading lights all powered by 200AH of LiFePRO+® lithium battery power and quality BMPRO Electronics complete an internal package you’ll love spending time in.


From the very top this hybrid has you covered starting with a massive 525 watts of roof mounted solar panels. The cleverly designed pop-up roof makes for ease of set up and a 270° free-standing awning extends the usable area and protects the outside kitchen area. Attach the full annex to the 270° awning and you’ve nearly tripled your living space in a matter of minutes. The slide out kitchen is everything you expect in quality from MDC and your portable fridge has a place right beside the kitchen. A picnic table and external shower ensuite provide ergonomic and practical solutions for outdoor and off grid living. Up front the patented Aerolocker™ stores your gas bottle, jerry cans and diesel heater tank while allowing a better turning circle for tray back vehicles.

Please Note: Refrigerator not included. We can provide one from our parts dept. if desired!

MDC Forte 9 2024 In Stock South Carolina


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