Settings for your IC Series 2000W inverter

Inverter charger settings on your ROAMER 1, X195, or X145

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This article gives the correct configurations for the GoPower IC Series Inverter Charger on your Imperial Outdoors ROAMER 1, X195, or X145 trailer (Learn more about GoPower here). On a technical level, the GoPower Inverter Charger has 2 basic functions: Inverting and Charging. You can adjust both using the remote mounted above the door of your Imperial Outdoors trailer. As always, we encourage you to read the manuals for the GoPower Inverter Charger and the GoPower Inverter Charger Remote. This article cannot replace the important information contained there. 

Shore power Parameters:

‘SHORE POWER MAX’ is the only adjustable Shore Power parameter. This setting controls how much power the inverter is allowed to pull from its shore power connection. Its default is 30 Amps, and though you will never be able to, it is capable of pulling up to 50 Amps.

When should you change it?

Not often. The default setting is 30 Amps, which means that the inverter will pull 30 amps from the shore power connection. In addition, the most common type of RV Hookup is the 30 Amp Connection (seen on the right).

If you would like to charge your batteries off your 110V or from your typical garage outlet (seen on the left), limit the shore power max to 15-20amps. Otherwise, your inverter may pull too much power and trip a circuit in your garage. Setting your Shore Power Max to 15-20amps will allow you to charge without tripping a breaker.

Battery charge parameters:

Imperial Outdoors Inverter Charger Unit Setup

Use the up and down arrows to navigate to Unit Setup to access the Battery Charge Settings. Press Enter. If it requests a passcode, enter ‘1234’. The following image depicts the available settings and what they should be set to for your ROAMER 1

Imperial Outdoors Inverter Charger Battery Charge Parameters

When Should you Change it?

The short answer is never. When operating your Inverter using the remote, the only button you will press is the On/Off button. If you notice anything fishy happening with your battery life or charging, a good troubleshooting step is to check your Battery Charge settings. After your batteries die or are isolated from the system for an extended period of time the settings may return to default, but that won’t happen everytime.


Take a moment to watch Shane teach more about the electrical system on the X195 and the ROAMER 1 for further insight. If you’re new here, reach out to one of our knowledgeable sales coaches. They possess hands-on experience and an in-depth understanding of the Imperial Outdoors power dynamics.

Watch a video of Shane explaining the capabilities of these amazing trailers here:


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