Stocking your RV

Having an RV always stocked with some basic necessities can help with a speedy leave. Packing can be long and tedious however keeping the RV packed with many of the things we use from home can help make packing for your trip less stressful.

First we start with sleeping arrangements. Figure out how many people will be using the RV when camping then buy that many sleeping bags, blankets and pillows. For instance if you have 5 kids and 2 adults that will be sleeping in the RV pack 7 sleeping bags 7 blankets and 7 pillows. Storing them will be a chinch if you keep them rolled up and in garbage bags to keep them safe from insects and spiders. Make sure you have clean pillow cases stored with the pillows. Storing them on the bunks or the main bed will make them easy to find and save some much needed space in the garage and more space for those much needed power tools.

Let’s move on to the bathroom. Toilet paper goes without saying. You can never store too much toilet paper however make sure you get RV toilet paper as to not clog the RV sewer tank. Yes, it’s annoying to buy a ton of “special” toilet paper especially when you don’t anticipate using it soon however, not having it is much worse. Trust me. TP is not all you need in that room. There’s much more. Shampoo, conditioner, body soap (bar preferably), toothpaste, hand sanitizer, hand wash, comb/brush etc. I would make a list of all the things that gets used by every member of the family. Specialty items such as women’s face wash, razors may be a little spendy to keep stocked and can be packed with makeup. Make sure you think of everything too. Here’s some more ideas for things you can keep stocked.

Nail clippers, tweezers, dental floss, pads/tampons, insect repellent, sunscreen, beach & shower towels, hand towels and washcloths (stored in garbage bags). Local dollar stores are a great place to find many inexpensive toiletries that can be very cost effective for any budget.

Now let’s go to the kitchen. Personally I just go down every kitchen isle in the dollar store and load up. Start with the basics. Plastic forks knives, spoons and paper plates, cups, napkins paper towels and zip lock bags. Garbage bags are great to keep stocked because they have so many uses such as a laundry bag, garbage bag, extra bag for towels, sleeping bags pillows and pillow cases etc. They are good to have on hand and also can be found at a local dollar store.

Kitchens have so many basics that need to be stocked and everyone is different with what they consider “basics”. I know the dollar store has things like pitchers for drinks, serving utensils, serving bowls, can openers and anything else you can find at the dollar store that you could foresee being of use camping.

When camping I like to be able to keep myself and surroundings clean. Baby wipes and hand sanitizer can be used while hiking when hand soap can’t be used. Baby wipes are also great for little sticky hands and messes. Clorox wipes are a must for the kitchen and bathroom areas. A broom and dustpan and mop can all be found at discount stores and are important to keep your RV clean.
Be sure to stock your camping stove, s’mores equipment and camping chairs. Also keep in mind that you can still get headaches, tummy aches, gas, cramps and allergies while camping so come prepared and don’t forget the first aid kit.

Stocking your RV may seem pointless however you will be glad you did when your packing time is reduced dramatically and you have all the equipment to make your special trip more comfortable and running out of toilet paper is not comfortable.