Top 10 Things We Love about the new Pause XC20.3

Top 10 Things We Love About The New 2024 Pause XC20.3

Blacked out Pause XC20.3

We had a really hard time with this one. There are so many things that we love about the Pause XC20.3. It’s one of our favorites. Here are just 10 things that had to make the list, but there are so many more amazing qualities that make this trailer what it is. Watch the full-tour here to get the full picture!

#1: Auto-Leveling

Thanks to Garmin and MORryde the Pause trailer is able to Self-Level with the press of a single button! Auto-Level is extremely rare in the RV industry, but it comes stock on this trailer! Auto-Leveling allows for more time to enjoy the outdoors and the things that really matter to you! To level the new Rhino-lined Pause XC20.3 all you need to do is open the Garmin app on your phone and press the level button and the MORryde system takes care of the rest! Under the hood, the Garmin app communicates with the special MORryde computer that operates the suspension components. The MORryde computer then runs through a checklist. The MORryde uses the airbags to lower and level the trailer side to side. Then the electric tongue jack levels the pitch of the trailer. Once the trailer is level, the MORryde Computer deploys the stabilizer legs.

Pause XC20.3 auto-level

#2: Massive Outdoor Kitchen

Even though outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly common, the Pause XC20.3’s kitchen stands out from the rest. It’s packing a dual-zone electric cooler from Truma, a powerful Greystone grill, and a modular sink plumbed with both hot and cold water for rinsing and washing. Its thoughtful design allows for lots of prep space and nearby storage so that whatever you need is within reach.  


#3: Garmin App

The Garmin App allows you to monitor and control everything on your trailer including the suspension system, the solar system, water heater, and air conditioning! With a WiFi connection, your trailer can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world through an Internet connection! It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen. You have total control, in the palm of your hands! Read this article from Garmin on the state-of-the-art new tech developed for the Pause line!

Pause XC20.3 Garmin app


#4: Spacious Bathroom

Pause XC20.3 bathroomLocated at the rear of the trailer the Pause’s spacious bathroom does not disappoint! The bathroom is roomy and really makes you feel at home. It has an ample shower area with a luxury shower wand. One of our favorite things about the bathroom is the toilet! It comes with a sturdy porcelain bowl and Black Tank, but with ROA Off-Road you have several different options for toilets, including an incinerating toilet or a simple composting toilet. Read this article on Off-Grid Toilets to learn more about what options we have available for you on the Pause!



#5: Full Queen size bed

Nothing feels more like home than laying on your mattress every night for a good sleep. Many customers end up purchasing an RV so that they can sleep comfortably in the outdoors. Sadly, RVs often have smaller-than-average-sized mattresses that are specific to the trailer. This means that if you don’t like the mattress that comes with the camper, you’re stuck paying loads for a custom sized mattress or using a cheap foam topper! We love that the Pause XC20.3 comes with a fantastic mattress, but what’s better is that it has the space for a full-sized Queen(60″ x 80″)! This opens up a whole world! You can purchase your favorite Queen-sized mattress for your trailer and it’s guaranteed to fit! Get a good night’s sleep Off-Grid!

Pause XC20.3 queen bed

#6: All Aluminum Cabinetry

RV manufacturers typically construct cabinets from thin particle board. The particle board is not durable and breaks easily. The cabinets on the Pause XC20.3 are a lightweight, powder-coated aluminum making them incredibly tough and giving a modern look that is aesthetically pleasing!
But the aluminum cabinets aren’t just stronger and better looking than their particle board counterparts. The innovative Pause team designed the trailer without a single scrap of wood! Removing the wood ensures that the trailer as a whole lasts longer. Traditional RVs will all have to deal with the problem of rot over time. Buying an older RV means having to deal with the possibility of decaying wood in the floors, walls, or cabinetry. In contrast, the Pause XC20.3 retains much more of its value over time simply because nothing can decompose!

Pause XC20.3 Cabinetry

#7: Incredibly Strong Composite walls

The walls on the Pause XC20.3 are amazing! They aren’t made of your typical stick and tin or fiberglass. The walls are composed of a structural composite called TransCore by Ridgeline. To read more about them check out our article on the TransCore Structural Composite. The walls are impact resistant and incredibly strong! In a factory tour of the Pause factory, the ROA Team was challenged to break a TransCore panel with a sledgehammer, but every person that tried failed miserably! No one was able to even dent the panels.

Not only are the panels incredibly strong, but they are fantastic insulators. We’ve taken the Pause XC20.3 everywhere and it stays cool in the heat, and warm in freezing weather!

Pause XC20.3 Insulation

#8: MORryde Suspension

In our opinion the Pause XC20.3 has one of the best suspension systems in the world. It’s made in America, features dual independent control arms, 12″ of travel, and allows for a smooth ride thanks to its airbag suspension. The best part is the MORryde computer that allows for automatic functions like leveling and presets that you can customize to your personal vehicle.

#9: Battery and Electronics:

Premium quality electrical components make the Pause XC20.3 the trailer the King of Boondocking and Off-Grid camping. Option your trailer with up to 1080Ah of Lithium Batteries by BattleBorn. The XC20.3 matches the standards of yachts and other marine vehicles by incorporating electronics like the battery monitoring system and inverter, both manufactured by Victron Energy. The Pause even comes with up to 1200W of solar to keep you going off-grid! The massive battery bank and electronics allow you to run the air-conditioning and watch TV for HOURS all without a generator or shore power connection!

Battle Born RV Batteries

#10: The Pause Team

We don’t pick favorites among our manufacturers here at ROA… but if we did, we would choose the Pause team. Their team exemplifies manufacturing greatness. They’ve produced one of the best and most innovative Off-Road trailers on the market yet they are constantly looking for ways to improve their product. They’ve quickly updated and upgraded their trailers to address any concerns in quality or design. Their support team is quick to respond to either us or our customers to resolve any issues. The team over in Indiana is what makes the Pause XC20.3 one of our favorite Off-Road units out there.

Pause factory Team Members