What Are The Differences Between The X145 And The X195 Xplore Trailers?

What Are The Differences Between The X145 And The X195 Xplore Trailers?

Xplore X145 In Snow X195 Outside

With how amazing both the X145 and X195 are, we want to look at what makes them different. When you are looking at two trailers that are fantastic, the question becomes, “Which trailers better meets my needs?” So, it’s not that one trailer is really better than the other in this case, it is all about what your needs are. That said, let’s look at the differences between these two off road campers!

Overall Outside Dimensions (Not Including Rear Accessories For Length)

One of the first important things is space. After all, a big reason you get an off road trailer instead of rough it in a tent is so that you have room to store things, right? You want to take along not just the bare essentials but a few things that aren’t essential too.

The X145 trailer has a lot of room, sitting at a length of 21ft and 7in. That is quite the trailer. The X195 packs a few more feet onto your living space making it feel even more spacious. It comes to 23ft 4in long! As for the other dimensions, both of these off road campers are the same. Their height is 9ft 9in and their width is just under 7ft 6in.

You don’t see a whole lot of off road trailers that are this big! If you want space and off road capability, these Xplore trailers are just perfect.

Off road capability

X195 Suspension X145 Suspension

Both of these trailers are phenomenal when it comes to blazing the trails and giving you freedom to leave the camping grounds behind. There are some very distinct differences, however. While they both have some of the best independent airbag suspension, CrusieMaster ATX, it comes in different amounts. The X145 has one set of independent suspension accommodating two tires. On the other hand, the X195 has 4 tires backed by two sets of independent airbag suspension. In this case it isn’t really about quality. They both have the same type of suspension after all. The reason for the difference is simply because the X195 is heavier and needs more.

The Weight

The difference in weight really is an important detail. After all, the weight of the trailer coincides directly with your tow vehicle. If you have a Jeep Wrangler, there is no possible way you are going to pull these units. Forget about it. But if you have have something like a Ford F-150, it is going to be a breeze to tow either the X145 or the X195. So, depending on the weight, you will either have to buy a new vehicle, pass on a the trailer, or simply be happy that you can handle the weight with your current vehicle, of course.

That said, the X145 weighs 4000 pounds dry and has a cargo capacity of 2100 pounds. On the other hand, the X195 has a dry weight of 5500 pounds and a cargo capacity of 4000 pounds. If your tow vehicle can handle it and you are looking to travel heavier, the X195 is for you. If you don’t need to take so much along or your tow vehicle can’t quite handle the heavier weight, then the X145 is perfect.

Solar Power

Both of these rigs are equipped with solar panels to feed your batteries, but as with other aspects of this trailer the amounts are simply different. The X145 can accommodate up to stage 2 solar, which means  740W: (7) Glass Solar Panels. The X195 can reach up to the 3rd stage, 1240W: (11) Glass Solar Panels.

If you are a big power consumer when you go out camping, then you may want to snatch up the X195, but if you are someone who goes camping to be out in nature and leave electronics behind, then you may want to grab the X145.

Solar Panels Xplore X145

Cold Food Storage

X195 Fridge & Freezer X145 Fridge 2

Do you take lots of cold food with you when you go camping? How about frozen food?

when it comes to the amount, the X145 has a nice fridge with 3 cubic feet of space. Unfortunately, if you are a frozen food lover, then you are out of luck, with the X145, because it doesn’t have a freezer.

The X195 has more cold food storage, amounting to 6.9 cubic feet. So, if you want to pack in lots of cold food, then the X195 is your camper. It also has a freezer for you frozen food lovers!

Something great about these fridges is that they are the same kind you will find aboard a fancy yacht. They were built by Isotherm, who is an Italian company that has been building fridges for the marine industry yachts. Why is that great? It is because they can be rocked and shaken without causing any issues. That is exactly the kind of fridge you want for an off road camper.

The Main Bed And Overall Sleeping Capacity

X195 Bed X145 Bed

For some of us, the bed is really important in a camper. There is a good reason for that though. If you get poor sleep at night and are tired all day, then your adventure is going to be lacking. Instead of being full of energy and excitement for the camping trip, you will just want to go back to sleep. The bed is definitely important.

In both of these units the bed is a full RV, but where they differ is their placement. In the X145 the bed is facing east to west while the bed in the X195 is facing north to south. It’s a little thing, but could make a big difference as to when the sun hits your face in the morning.

As for overall sleeping accommodations, the X145 sleeps 2+ while the X195 sleeps 3+. If you are planning to go out alone or with 1 other person, then the X145 is perfect. If you have multiple people to bring along for the adventure, then you may want to lean towards the X195.


We’ve really only discussion the differences here, but what they share in common are some of the best things about Xplore campers. Check out the videos below to see some of what makes Xplore campers some of the best trailers in the world. In the end, both of these units are amazing, it’s simply up to you to decide which one best suits your needs. It’s a beautiful world, So get out there and see it!




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