What Are The Different Types Of RVs And Campers?

What Are The Different Types Of RVs And Campers?

There are 8 main different types of RVs. RV is an acronym for Recreational Vehicle. The most popular RV is a Motorhome which is self-propelled (motorized) and is built on a truck or van chassis. There are 3 different types of motorhomes, which are Class A, Class B, and Class C. RVs that require a tow vehicle are 5th wheels, travel trailers, and tent trailers (these are usually pulled behind an SUV, truck or van). The truck camper is an RV that slides into the bed of most standard sized pick-ups. And finally, toy haulers, which can fall under most of the other categories.

What Is The Best RV To Buy?

Okay, so you are probably asking me to slow down! Don’t worry I will go into more depth. I have been selling RVs for many years now and one of the first questions I get asked all the time by new RV shoppers is; “What is the best RV to buy?” I always start with explaining what an RV actually is. Most people think an RV is a Class A motorhome.


Not all RVS look like this one. Since RV is actually an acronym for Recreational Vehicle, are a lot of things that can be categorized as a RV, another word that people will frequently use synonymously with RV is the word Camper. In the RV world there are Motorhomes, (like the picture above),

5th wheels,

Fifth Wheel Camper

Travel Trailers,

Travel Trailer

Pop up trailers

Patriot Campers, Off Road Camper

and truck campers,

Scout Off Grid Camper

and others like off-roading trailers.

Roamer 1 Outside Passenger Side Night Conqueror UEV-14 Conqueror Uev 14X195 & X195 Outside

In the end the question of what trailer you should buy really just depends on your needs. Do you have toys you want to haul in your trailer? Then you probably want to get a toy hauler. Do you have a huge family (6+) then you probably want one of the big fifth wheels or motorhomes. Do you not want to have to worry about pulling a trailer at all? Morothome is the way to go for sure. Or maybe you want to blaze the trails less trod and go where other people can’t? Then your camper is an off road camper. Do you see what I mean? It really just depends on your needs.


There really are a lot of different types of RVs as you can see from what we covered and we could go into further depth too. But my hope is that you have a better idea of what an RV is now and a little more direction as to what kind of RV you may want to buy. If you’re still thinking that this wasn’t enough and you want to answer the question “What is the best RV to buy,” then I do have a little something for you. Check out these blogs:

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